Downtown Riverside gets chromed

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By Michael Walter | Staff Photographer

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Car enthusiasts gather in downtown Riverside for the weekend.

The Show and Go Car Show, an annual charity event held in the heart of Riverside took place May 3 through 5 on the streets of downtown Riverside.

The event delivered the high expectations of auto enthusiasts with squealing tires and roaring engines wrapped in chrome and Chroma beyond belief.

The event was a combined effort of the Rotary Club of Riverside and the Old Farts Racing Team in a successful effort to create a family friendly event.

With streets closed to everyday traffic from fourteenth to University and from Market east a few blocks.

Entries were able to cruise through the area or just park and bask in the glory of their ride while the public were able to get a view up close and personal and swap stories of restoration, racing and just life.

Brandon Pentz, an all-conference honoree out of Riverside Poly High School arrived, certainly in Spirit, built as he wanted it according to his father.

The 1966 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport; “THE GO BIG OR GO HOME” Mobil carries his favorite slogan.

Brandon died from a head injury sustained from a fall in San Marcos on August 20, 2010.

The customized rims echoed “go big or go home”, worked into the design.

The car hosts a GM ZZ 572 cubic inch engine with 685 foot pounds of torque and a Tremec Magnum 6 speed manual transmission.

All looks stock thanks to J and H Restorations out of Orange County.

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