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By Courtney Coleman / Staff Writer

By Courtney Coleman / Staff Writer

Remember in elementary school when nap time was a requirement?

Everyone would lay down their mats and blankets (and in my case beach towels because my school was that cheap). Within minutes exhaustion got the best of the class and everyone drifted into dreamland.

I have to wonder, what changed? Why hasn’t the tradition of nap time stuck through our adult years?

For some people, it has stuck and college nap time is precious.

The hard workers, the lazy bums who are at school for no apparent reason, the night owls deprived of sleep and the party animals with no sense of responsibility, these are the ones you’ll find laying around campus taking advantage of free time to catch a few Zs.

There’s plenty of places on campus to re-energize and get a good catnap, the most popular being class. Of course that might not sit well with professors, but can you blame us?

Obviously recuperating after partying all night is more important than our studies.

If you’d rather avoid getting kicked out of class or caught snoring during a lecture, there are other places on campus to catch up on lost sleep. Where are these magical places? Anywhere your heart desires.

Curl up in the back seat of a car, lie out on the grass and bask in the sun, or my favorite, find a cozy corner in the library where you can spread out and relax.

Clear off a few book shelves in the library and you now have bunk beds at your disposal; thin, hard, metal bunk beds, but we take what we can get at Riverside City College.

Maybe you’re a shy student who can’t seem to relax with so many people around. Don’t worry, you need sleep too and there is a solution.

“I take prescription drugs,” said Alicia Rivera, a hardworking student.

OK, maybe that isn’t the best solution. Nonetheless, being well- rested means a better chance at doing well in school.

“(Lack of sleep) can bring down the quality of my work,” said Mario Ortiz, an RCC student. “So when I can take a nap, usually I’m more productive after.”

So, my fellow students, brave the vulnerability, sleep when your mind grows weary, don’t be oppressed by librarians who claim you can’t use encyclopedias to create a fortress for your slumber.

Get rest where and when you can, because it just might make the difference when it comes to succeeding in college.

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