YouTube band ‘The Secret State’ aims to please

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By Conner Munson / Staff Writer

By Conner Munson / Staff Writer

The Secret State is the now YouTube famous pop-rock band from Baltimore, Maryland.

In the trend of exponential viral exposure, the band has seen recent success with the release of the music video for “Say It’s Over.” In just three weeks following its release, it had achieved 6 million views.  

In a meld of radio-friendly rock and synth-pop, The Secret State aims to please the masses. The idea of the band is slightly amorphous, in that, if one were to frequent nightclubs, one would likely come across the song bumping eternally into the depths of his or her ears.

Despite the incessant dance nature of the sound it would be heard just as likely in a stadium setting, similar to a U2 or Coldplay live act.

In an opportunity to speak with the band, Daniel Martiniano, lead singer, said, “We’d be like if Coldplay and Lincoln Park had a baby” in reference to their sound.

Viewpoints: How long has The Secret State been together?

Martiniano: We’ve been together for about ten years, most of us from high-school

Viewpoints: What are the accomplishments you’re proudest of?

Martiniano: So far, We’ve made it on the radio in a few states.  We’ve been able to open for quite a few big bands like Hinder and Jack’s Mannequin.  We’ve also played at SXSW and had a national tour.

Viewpoints: What are some of your inspirations, and what do they add, contextually, to the creation of your material?

Martniano: We all like a lot of stuff, but think bands like, 30 Seconds to Mars, Coldplay and Lincoln Park respectively add unique factors into the sound as a whole.  

We have a relatively extensive background in classical music and we believe that we really put on a captivating show. We Have a sound we really believe in.

The Secret State debuted their first single, “The Biggest Mistake” to Top 40 Radio, and will be present on sites like iTunes, Perez Hilton, YouTube, and the accompanying video will be released to VH1, MTV & affiliates (MTV2, MTVU) and various others.

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