RCC raises faculty parking fees amidst contention

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By Tabitha Carranza / Staff Writer

By Tabitha Carranza / Staff Writer

With the parking fees increasing for Fall 2012, Riverside City College faculty and students unsatisfied with the new cost.

Most advisors. who teach around the year buy a parking permit annually. Although there was talk about raising the annual permit $50 more, it didn’t happen. But not all prices were spared. A permit for a single semester was raised $25 from last year.     

This affects the part time staff and instructors that don’t teach throughout the whole year such as Shelly Dawson, associate professor of Mathematics, who doesn’t teach the winter and summer sessions.

“I used to buy (the permit) annually, but not anymore,” she said.

Along with the price, other changes have also been made. Staff must pay for their permits online. Most of the faculty members prefer to pay through the network.

Oliver Thompson, instructor of Administration of Justice said it’s definitely more convenient.

Although it is easier to pay online, there seems to be a privacy issue with having to use their credit card information for some faculty members, but not Dawson.

“Some staff members are having a fit about it,” she said. “I don’t mind it though.”

Other than having to use their credit card information, most staff like paying online because it’s faster and easier.

“I had my parking permit in my hand in a week,” Thompson said.

This year, a main issue amongst the students is finding a parking space. So does the same go for the faculty? It actually seems that parking has gotten better, according to Professor Joyce.

“This semester, I just pull right in (a spot),” he said. “No problem.”

Everyone knows that that parking at RCC gets better with time, and Thompson agrees.

“The first month is the biggest problem.” he said. “Other than that, it seems that the school has done its best to accommodate its staff.”

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