RCC police arrest male after break-in

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By Javier Cabrera / Editor-in-chief

By Javier Cabrera / Editor-in-chief

An adult male broke into a vending machine at Riverside City College late Friday, June 8, said Jim Miyashiro, police chief of Riverside Community College District.

In an email to the RCCD faculty and staff, Miyashiro said the male was arrested by RCC police at 5 p.m. after the suspect was caught breaking into a vending machine on campus.

While searching the suspect during the arrest, RCC police found burglary tools and keys, which opened the Admissions and Counseling building and offices inside the building, in the possession of the suspect, according to Miyashiro.

Miyashiro said there have been reports of break-ins and trespassing at RCC in the past few weeks, mostly around and in the Admissions and Counseling building.

Miyashiro said the suspect arrested on June 8 is the same individual RCC police have been investigating regarding similar activities.

Miyashiro advises the RCCD faculty and staff to report any lost, misplaced or stolen keys or access cards for buildings at RCC to the RCC police.

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