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By Kayleigh Brown / Inscape Editor

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By Kayleigh Brown / Inscape Editor

“Assassin’s Creed 3” has been eagerly anticipated since its development was announced in Nov. 2011.

In this installment, players get to experience another of Desmond’s assassin ancestors.

The new assassin is Connor Kenway, named Ratonhnhaké:ton at birth.

He was born into 18th century America, right on the brink of the Revolutionary War.

Though he grew up with his Native American mother in the Mohawk tribe, his father was a British man, a combination that makes Connor feel like he doesn’t belong in either world.

Connor becomes angry when his village is attacked and completely destroyed by European colonists.

This drives Connor to leave his tribe and join the Assassins Order in to avenge his tribe and battle tyranny wherever he encounters it.

The developers have made an admirable effort to stay true to Connor’s Native American heritage.

Alongside the typical hidden blade, two of Connor’s primary weapons are a tomahawk and bow, and conversations between members of the Mohawks were recorded in their actual language by real members of the tribe.

The game developers have also promised impressive new interfaces in “Assassin’s Creed 3” that will set it apart from the series’ previous installments.

Some of the most prominent and large-scale changes are in the game’s terrain.

Up until now, the games took place in intricate cities with streets full of people, tall buildings, and tons of tight alleyways to sneak around in.

Since “Assassin’s Creed 3” takes place in colonial America, these trends could not be continued if the game wanted to remain historically accurate.

Therefore, short houses with sloping roofs, wide open town squares, and small groups of people now characterize the towns.

As people familiar with these games can imagine, this kind of area would be hard to traverse without detection, and the typical free-running capabilities in all the games would be difficult to execute without the tall buildings in close proximity of one another.

In order to supplement this, Connor can climb and jump from tree to tree, as well as easily enter and run through buildings, both new features to the games.

The game runs on a new Anvil Engine, which greatly improves environmental effects. This has allowed the implementation of seasonal changes during game play. The terrain will be warm and green during summer and then covered in snow for the winter, where soldiers will be seen struggling and stumbling around in the snow.

To take advantage of this new engine’s capabilities, emphasize Conner’s Native American roots, and stay accurate to the American terrain, the majority of “Assassin’s Creed 3” takes place in long expanses of wilderness.

It has also allowed the development of more intense battle sequences.

The new technology can handle as many as 1000 enemies to be part of a battle at one time, as opposed to the previous limitations that capped at 100.

The combat system has also been greatly improved.

The fighting style has been given new features like double-combos, chain kills, and multiple take-downs.

Players will also have the ability to use their foes as human shields. However, the enemy lock-on system has now been removed.

The battle animations have also been completely redone for the new game.

Defense and counter-attacks have also been made more difficult and attacks are based on both speed and momentum in order to force the player to be more offensive than before.

These new features suggest an exciting and revolutionary new title in the “Assassin’s Creed” series, and fans across the United States are waiting with high hopes for the Oct. 30 release date.

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