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Dreams of success are threatened

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By Jasmine Hoof / Staff Writer

Empty pockets (Alejandra Rodriguez / Staff Photographer)

By Jasmine Hoof / Staff Writer

The economy is nowhere near what it used to be and for that, we are all suffering.
Thousands are losing their jobs and resorting to work in fast food restaurants just to bring an income.
People who have been getting jobs such as these are usually educated, have a degree and spent a good amount of time and effort to be successful, only to have it stripped away due to lack of funds and exceeded expenses.
 So where does that leave our fresh ripe graduates? Well, to put it simply, we’re out of luck. Unless you’re in a field that is high in demand, there’s really not much out there.
The most important thing employers ask for is experience, and when you’re up against someone who has been working in that business for 30 years and just lost his or her job due to layoffs or a company going under, the chances of getting that job are going to be pretty slim.
With the economy like this, people are willing to do anything to have a job and pay the bills.
 Not only that, but most of these people have families to support and it becomes a priority to make money fast and at a steady rate.
Not only does this affect teens and graduates, but also people who were managers, supervisors or high-up in their company in the past.
 Now all of these people are resorting to lower pay and downsized jobs to stay afloat.
Unfortunately, students have to choose their career path according to what’s going to give them a steady job.
 Before, career paths were based on factors: what’s going to make me a lot of money, and what do I like to do? Now it’s about what is going to make me money period, be it selling clothing or working in the drive through.
Doing what you love is no longer an option for most at this point. Most careers that we want to do are low in demand, or scarce to find, let alone keep.
No student should have to fear not finding a job in their field straight out of college, or at all.
 I should know; I’m a victim of this horrible economy. My dream job is no longer an option and due to the low demand I was forced to change my path into something I enjoy, but I will never have a true passion for.
My initial choice, like others, has now just become a dream, or in my case, a hobby.  Luckily, I was able to change my position before I received any type of degree.
Though some people are not so lucky and are forced to battle for a job or resort to working dead-end jobs in retail or fast food in order to make money and pay back loans taken out for a useless degree in this economic recession.
For some, they make the choice to go back to school to receive credentials for a career they can actually have a successful chance of getting a job and keeping it.
It doesn’t look like anything is going to change in the near future, so, for now, we have to focus on what path is the smartest choice and will give us a job that will support us, and eventually our family.
 Every year, less and less is being taught to future college students about doing something that you love and more about the types of careers that are in high demand.
As the economy goes, so do careers, and some aren’t even an option anymore.
Those who are still in school are sacrificing hopes and dream jobs just to replace them with something they would have never given a second thought to. But for those that are too late, they are resorting to low income opportunities and have to work with what they can get.
It’s a sad truth that young prospering students, are forced to swallow.

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