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Franchise ends with final battle

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By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

The end of a saga (Games Press)

By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

“Mass Effect” is a vast science fiction third-person shooter role playing game franchise for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.
It has gained the respect of gamers and critics alike with its attention to detail and personalization of character and choices without lacking in its main storyline.
“Mass Effect 2,” as most good sequels do, emphasizes what the first one started and introduced a few new concepts.
It refined the graphics and gameplay mechanics of the first one such as the action, the leveling up system, and the personal touches the creators allow you to have.
The game is a lot better for those who completed the first game due to the personal aspect of the game.
After only about a year and a half of waiting, “Mass Effect 3” is coming to Playstation and Xbox fans alike.
The game still plays off of personal choices made in the previous two games and many more choices to come in this one.
The mechanics could still use some refining from the second installment and there’s plenty of plot to be revealed.
The plot is one of the key aspects of this game. Its in-depth choice-based story line of invasion is not only good, but toys with players personally.
This is not the first franchise to do this, and probably not the best, but it does do it well.
Fans of the game are anxious to see what becomes of Sheppard (Player), and who could blame them? “Mass Effect” is designed and developed to keep faithful dedicated players on the edge of their seat and newcomers confused as hell.
The tagline for this installment reads “Take back Earth.” This is naturally what the game is about.
The first and second installments have lead up to a huge invasion of Reapers who are apparently as hard to kill as a Terminator.
Fans are promised tears, relief, romance, action, and heartfelt brothers in arms moments in this “Mass Effect” finale.
The gameplay itself seems to have changed in structure by letting the player choose how they want to experience the game.
For example, they give a choice before the game begins whether or not it will be action, role playing, or story.
Fans can only imagine how this will effect the game, as when a player chooses action, the gameplay shifts to allow him to take more bullets and possibly dish out less to more enemies. But that’s only speculation.
The game’s difficulty can be affected based on the experience a gamer chooses.
All in all, “Mass Effect 3” doesn’t seem too far off from the first two. This is not a bad thing, especially since “Mass Effect” is a fan-driven franchise.
They know their audience and they’re sticking to them, and that’s all gamers can ask for in a development team.
Your choices translate over along with new ones to be had, all in the process of coming to what looks like “Mass Effect’s” satisfying conclusion.

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