Michelle Davila wins an award

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By Itzel Farias / Asst. News Editor

By Itzel Farias / Asst. News Editor

Every year the Riverside Community College District’s California School Employees Association’s (CSEA) employee of the year award is presented to the staff member, who has earned the recognition as an outstanding employee.

The employee who is recognized as the employee of the year is described as someone who goes “above and beyond” in their job performance, a leader and someone who demonstrates professionalism, among other qualities that make them exceptional employees.

This year the RCCD CSEA 2011-12 employee of the year was awarded to Riverside City College’s Michelle Davila, an administrative assistant of Business Services.

Chosen among nearly 500 CSEA employees that were eligible to win this year’s award, Davila is being recognized for her dedication and contribution to RCC, as well as to the students, faculty, and staff.

The employee of the year is chosen though the nominations of their colleagues.

Employees submit their nominees by filling out an application form and a nominee is chosen from the District and from each of the District’s three colleges (RCC, Moreno Valley College and Norco College).

The employee of the year is recognized by the RCCD Board of Trustees and then they’re sent to state level.

This year Davila’s name will be sent to the Systems’ Office in Sacramento.

Davila expressed how she felt receiving the award.

 “Very honored and surprised,” said Davila. “I’m very honored, but I’m very humbled as well, because I couldn’t do my job without everybody else I work with.”

Davila also credits the staff she works with.

“As I’m concerned it belongs to all of us, and I mean it because I can’t do what I do without everybody else,” she said.

“I want to believe that what I do helps everybody’s job move easier and because of what I do, I get to interact with a lot of different people.” Davila said, referring to her work.

Davila describes her job as “fast paced,” but very much enjoys interacting with faculty and students.

Since Davila started working at RCC, she has had the opportunity to work in different areas of the college, such as student services, academics, the foundation, and now finance.

“I’ve gotten to see all sides of the institution and how it operates, so for me it’s nice to see how everything functions and how it all works together,” she said, referring to the different areas of the college she has worked in.

“I’m just honored to represent RCC staff, we have an awesome staff.” Davila said.

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