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Climate uncontrolled in Quad

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By Jeremy Fuerte / Staff Writer

AC problem (Daulton Villavicencio / Staff Photographer )

By Jeremy Fuerte / Staff Writer

Not even five years after the A.G. Paul Quadrangle has been renovated, students have become plagued with poor heating and air conditioning.

Many classrooms are consistently hot or consistently cold despite outside weather conditions.

“My classroom is really stuffy and hot when I first get there,” said Arianna Sherman, a full time student at Riverside City College. “When students come in, the professor has to open either the windows or the doors but it’s not much better.”

Sherman who suffers through the heat in a classroom on the second floor of the Quad also bears through the cold in a classroom in the Quad basement.

“It’s freezing,” she said. “After hot weather it feels nice but after a half hour I start putting stuff on because I’m shivering when I’m sitting there.”

She isn’t the only student who has complained about the poor heating and air conditioning in the Quad.

Dale Ford, another full time student, has had hot classes for the past two semesters.

“My British Literature classes; both of them last semester and this semester have been excessively hot,” he said. “For the most part they’ve been hot despite the weather conditions outside.”

Despite the excessive heat, the instructors and the students both find a way to do the best they can.

“It can get sleepy at some points,” he said. “The professor usually has us open all the windows and tries to be as entertaining as she can be and it usually works out very well and everybody absorbs as much as they can.”

While many students and instructors are making the best of the situation, the excessive heat or cold has affected some students ability to learn and perform to the best of their abilities while in class.   

“It would be raining and inside it would still be really hot,” said Bryan Marin, a full time student. “I was sweating during midterm and it was unacceptable.”

The irregular temperatures are all controlled by a central thermostat which is located on the second floor of the Quad.

Even though it is located on the second floor it controls the temperatures of every class in the Quad on the first and second floor.

In order to fix this, students would like to see the instructors have more control over their individual classrooms.

“I’d like to see the teachers given control over their classrooms,” Ford said. “Maybe they could put a thermostat in each room rather than have one for the whole quad.”

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