RCC annual job fair a success

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By Daniel Rhay / Staff Writer

By Daniel Rhay / Staff Writer

It was a dark and rainy day on Oct. 5 when Riverside City College held their annual job fair in the A.G. Paul Quadrangle.

Despite the weather, it did not seem to perturb many as the employers and the potential employees who were out in full force making new possibilities happen.

Over 35 employers showed up in attendance to catch future employees.

Four hours of career placing and job hunting is nothing for some students.

Many were actually there for a blunt of time with a stack of their resumes ready to be handed out.

People were taking no chances with their luck it would seem,  spreading out as many resumes as they possibly could as an ingenious tactic to avoid getting zero call backs.

Another lure the students noticed if they had attended the job fair was the presence of food at some of the employers’ tables.

 “It’s great because a lot of students aren’t given the opportunity to run out and apply for jobs because they’re here all the time but since the school is bringing the employers to them, it definitely helps a lot of people out,” said Casey Kirkpatrick, an RCC student.

This seemed to be the shared belief of many other students who either attended the fair or at the very least knew it was going on.

In lieu of the efforts made by the RCC faculty as well as the employers who attended the annual career fair, it was considered to be a success.

 Although the number of employers in attendance was a bit lower than past years, those who were present did not disappoint.

If a student is looking for employment then the annual job fair is certainly a convenient and accessible way to find whatever they are looking in a career, as well as a great tool for management in local business’ to use to find a variety of qualified candidates to hire.


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