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Students increase professional skills

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By Josh Vogel / Staff Writer

Payoff (Riverside City College Model United Nations / Special to Viewpoints)

By Josh Vogel / Staff Writer

Model United Nations is the only program in the college club community that can offer the opportunity to travel all over the world.

It is a prestigious club that produces some of the college’s brightest students from around the world. One of the most interesting facts about Model United Nations is that traveling the world isn’t even the best part of the club.

The club is an opportunity to not only study international affairs, but for members to put their studies into action.

“RCC MUN is like taking on a four unit class and the extra hours you have to put in are pretty demanding” said Officer Charity Croomes. “You could go from knowing nothing about international affairs to loving international affairs and the experience Model United Nations offers.”

Ward Schinke, associate professor, political science major, and specialist in Latin American Studies, is the director of the Model United Nations program. He can always be found working with his club members

All the hard work is put into action when the group takes part in a “mock” league of nations with over five thousand delegates from around the world.

“It’s hard to describe a conference; the best way is to just experience it first hand,” said Tomas Ocampo, the club officer. “(Emotions are) overwhelming as you are standing next to other delegates who have been preparing just as hard as you.”

The conference plays host to several colleges, some as prestigious as Harvard, Yale, and Berkley. Schinke makes it clear that prestige is not a factor at a conference.

“The real goal is to improve you as a person,” Schinke said. “Other schools recognize that we produce strong delegates that other schools want to work with.”

Although they do have the bragging rights,  It is also important to note that Model United Nations is not only about the awards, it’s about the experience and self growth. It builds them as a person and opens the opportunity to meet with many people from around the world.

“If you follow everything Model United Nations sets for you, and work for it, you will see awards in your future,” Ocampo said.

Model United Nations is funded by the student government, general funds, and private donations made by those who know the experience the club brings.

Some argue that it is more than just a club, but in fact “a cheat sheet”

 “It’s a back door to a great job or the insight to a really great school,” Croomes said. “It creates a certain type of person that people like to work with, a person that people tend to gravitate towards.”

“The feeling of accomplishment you get from working with students from around the world and coming to conclusions is a great confidence builder,” Schinke said. “This kind of confidence sticks with them for the rest of their lives.”

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