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Construction workers can park in lot B with permits

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By Nita Gandhi / News Editor

By Nita Gandhi / News Editor

It has been observed that construction workers working on the Nursing and Science Complex are parking in lot B, but they are allowed to park there.  

During the spring semester, a Riverside City College professor observed construction workers parking in the lot and not having parking permits. There was a fence blocking part of the lot and the workers were supposed to park inside the enclosure.

On Sept. 23 Viewpoints observed construction workers parking their cars and trucks in the lot in front of the new nursing building early in the morning between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. It was also observed that many of the workers displayed a parking permit and some did not.

Riverside Community College District Police Chief Jim Miyashiro said now that the construction of the nursing building is completed, the contracted construction workers finishing the building are allowed to park in the lot on the condition that they buy a parking permit.

“They had to park in what is called a lay down area, and that was the fenced area,” Miyashiro said. “Once the fence comes down under their current contract they have to pay for parking like everyone else.”  

Some students do not agree that the construction workers should park in student and staff lots like lot B.  

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea that they are parking here because there’s so many students who cannot find parking,” said RCC student Julie Monroi. “They are not students (. . .) I have a difficult time finding parking so when I find parking here I’m like ‘Oh God it’s a good day.'”  

Miyashiro does not know when the construction will be finished.

There have been a few delays with both the nursing and the Wheelock gym construction.  

“It’s a step process,” Miyashiro said. “Anytime you have major construction there are always delays.”  

Every student, faculty and staff must display a permit on the left bottom corner of their windshield.  The construction workers must do the same.

“They are actually buying semester permits,” Miyashiro said. “So if they don’t have a day pass or a semester permit,  and someone sees that then let us know and we will go out there and take it up.”

 “I’m OK with it,” said RCC student Gregory Parnell. “Just like everybody else, we had to pay for a permit as students, so if they are going to park in the same lot as us than it would only be fair.”  

There have been rumors that RCC is to build additional parking. Sergeant Jack Kohlmeier of the RCCD police said that there have been long-term talks after the construction projects are finished to possible build another parking structure. 

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