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By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

‘So uncivilized’ (Games Press)

By Laith Salama / Staff Writer

“Star Wars!” Glorious “Star Wars!”

Fans of this gem of a science-fiction saga can finally view god’s gift to humanity in a high definition, digitally re-mastered, nine-disc Blu-ray set.

The set comes with all six movies on Blu-ray, with never before seen bonus material including deleted and alternate scenes.

The special features fans can explore on this release include documentaries on how “Star Wars” came to be and how widely loved it is, as well as interviews with the cast and crew, which are always fan favorites.

There will also be featurettes on all the elaborate costumes and original visual effects used in the films.

And let it be said, these special features go into satisfying depths that really only the true fans are actually going to sit through.

There are detailed overviews of scenes told on the planets they took place on, which for diehard fans will be like Jedi training in the flesh, but for everyone else, maybe just a bit of a waste of time.

The setup itself is pretty complex and sounds like only the hard core fans will fully understand and appreciate all it has to offer.

But with good news comes bad news.

As is a common occurrence with artistic geniuses, even after creating his international phenomenon George Lucas was still unsatisfied with his masterpieces.

Previous collector’s releases of the films have included some pretty strange, and somewhat pointless changes such as some music editing and changing the Mos Eisley cantina scene so Greedo shot first, instead of Han Solo.

Fans were excited about the release, but a bit confused as to why Lucas decided to fix something that honestly wasn’t broken.

Well, he’s decided to do it again and this time, fans are really confused.

Apparently, Lucas decided that his Ewoks, as adorable as they were, really needed to blink. Darth Vader, for no apparent reason, now screams “nooooo” as he kills Emperor Palpatine.

Yoda is now computer generated in “Phantom Menace,” where originally he was a puppet.

Jabba the Hutt apparently didn’t have enough aliens in his palace so Lucas stuffed a few more in there, and his door got a little bigger, just in case anyone noticed that it was slightly too small before.

Why should anybody want to fix something that’s not broken? Well that’s for George Lucas to explain.

Also in regards to these changes fans will be a little upset to see that the original theatrical versions are not included amongst these special features.

But even with these frustrations and honest confusion over what George Lucas was thinking, “Star Wars” is still sure to please. The awesomeness is coming to Blu-ray and fans should just be happy about that alone.

And they are in the best visual and audio technology money can buy.

This national holiday will mark the first time all six movies will be sold in one complete set, but for those who don’t like one trilogy or the other, each one will be sold separately as well.

And if fancy Blu-ray “Star Wars Saga” is not exciting enough, hold on to your pants.

The “Star Wars” movies will be re-released in 3-D on Feb. 10 in participating theaters.

The films will come out in chronological order beginning with “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”

Though 3-D’s reception is hit and miss, “Star Wars” is mainly hit and people can enjoy seeing it on the big screen once again as god (or George Lucas) intended.

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