Racing to be in power of Easter

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By Rosie Godinez / Staff Writer

By Rosie Godinez / Staff Writer

A hipity hopity all the way down the bunny trail is what they say. The animated film “Hop”, takes a stroll into the magical life of a young bunny named E.B. who is destined to become the Easter bunny and carry on the legacy followed by many bunnies before him.

Easter Island is where bunnies and adorable chickadees work together to create Easter by making candy, chocolate bunnies, eggs marshmallows and everything sweet.

 E.B. (English actor Russell Brand) wishes to follow his rock and roll dreams, instead of take over as the Easter Bunny. E.B., a teenage rock loving bunny lives on the beautiful, color-filled Easter Island with his father (Hugh Laurie, also known as Dr. Gregory house).

This Movie is all about the pursuit of dreams and how badly people are willing to tear through walls to accomplish those dreams.

However at times there are forces that seem to limit people from their potential.   

E.B. realizes he cannot become a rock in’ drummer with his dad’s strict demeanor, like rebel teens do, he packs his backpack and escapes down a portal that takes you anywhere you wish and arrives in the very place where dreams come true, Hollywood.

 On E.B.’s journey he faces some resistance along the way and stumbles by circumstance into a human named Fred who checks to see what hopped in front of his car.

On the run, E.B. then convinces Fred to let him move in with him, after almost becoming road kill.

 This sparks E.B. and Fred’s adventurous friendship and soon these to learn how much alike they are in the slacker department, and how much their families want them to become somebody of themselves.

The movie also makes some very funny adult references like for instance bunnies at the playboy mansion.

The bunnies and chickadees worked in a factory similar to the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the chocolate factory.

 It’s hilarious to see how Fred and E.B. struggle to understand human and bunny ways. Catchy, hip, music also makes this film interesting to older audiences, not to mention a touch of mild adult humor throughout the movie.

The hilarious David Hasselhoff makes an appearance in this film. It’s great to see “The Hoff” back in action as some Hollywood stars lose it in Hollywood.  As E.B. and Fred chase E.B’s dream to rock, back at home on Easter Island an evil yellow, big eyed chick named Carlos plots to take over Easter in a Grinch type manner.

 Carlos’s wishes chicks rule over bunnies, questioning why couldn’t a chicken become Easter Bunny? Carlos’s tyrant like psychotic reign begins when he persuades his chickadee minions to overthrow the bunny reign on Easter Island. This chick is a true villain, even equipped with an evil laugh, and minions a few screws short from the toolbox.

 E.B. and Fred share, a powerful friendship and incredible bond regardless of their obvious differences. Paws and human hands coexist and “Hop” is evident proof that two incredibly worlds come together and share a friendship.

“Hop” has many hidden messages. “Don’t stop believing,” this really pertains to Fred who is reassured how much potential he has when E.B. hops into his life.

“Differences can be golden,” learning new things opens up the world of opportunities, and enables people to chase their dreams. “Resistance is part of the journey into the pursuit of life” and both Fred and E.B. face challenges that eventually strengthen their friendship and ambitions.

” Hop” is cute, colorful, and satisfying. Just in time for the Easter celebration, the movie brings the qualities of a funny and well imagined creation. Hop holds enough humor not only for the kiddies but also for the kids at heart, with a smile for everyone.

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