RCC female students victimized

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By Sandra Rodriguez / Staff Writer

By Sandra Rodriguez / Staff Writer

Two women were victimized by a male in the parking structure at Riverside City College on March 7.

The first incident happened while a woman was standing next to her car texting when a man appeared and exposed himself to her. The second incident happened later that day with a man exposing himself to a woman near the elevators in the parking structure.

The man was described by both woman as a 5’10” scruffy adult male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Both incidents were not reported immediately. The second incident was reported a day after and the first incident was reported two days after.

RCC police is currently investigating these incidents.

The police are encouraging everyone to notify them immediately of any suspicious, criminal or unusual behavior on campus.

The direct phone line to the police on campus is (951)-222-8171.

*Stay tune to Viewpointsonline.org for continuing updates on these two incidents and other incidents that occur on the Riverside campus.

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