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S.T.E.M. club aims for the stars

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By Kyle Crouse / Asst. Features Editor

By Kyle Crouse / Asst. Features Editor

S.T.E.M. is an outreach and support group for students who have an interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

The club is particularly interested in recruiting those who are female, part of a minority, or are military veterans to expand heir program.

“We like to find students who have those majors,” said Club Vice President Alejandra Pesqueira.

However, the program is also open to all students who are looking to learn more about S. T. E. M.-related fields.

“This is only the second semester this club has been around,” said Club President Ariana Ramirez, but already S.T.E.M. is making an impact.

The club is working to earn a sponsorship to allow to Riverside City College to participate in the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program.

This national program allows students to design and perform a micro experiment that will accompany the NASA space shuttle Atlantis when it makes its final voyage on June 28 of this year.

“We have the opportunity to be the first community college that will participate in a program like this,” said Club Adviser Charity Trojanowsky.

The students are excited to even have the opportunity to participate.

“It’s such a once in a lifetime opportunity, said Trojanowski “

S.T.E.M. is hoping to receive the necessary sponsorship commitment before the March 18 deadline.

Aside from the sponsorship, they are fund rasing for money as well.

“It’ll be a big deal when we get to do it,” said Trojanowski. “We just have to get the funding.”

Sponsors will have the opportunity to witness the Atlantis space shuttle launch, along with the winning students.

S.T.E.M. will also be holding a numerous of other events and field trips throughout the rest of the year, as well as competing in competitions.

The club is currently holding a catapult competition on campus.

It’d open to all students, with the final event scheduled for March 26.

There are also plans for a weekend camping trip to the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada beginning on April 9, which will include stargazing opportunities.

The club is also planning a field trip to aerospace manufacturer Boeing this summer.

“The facility we would be going to would actually be where they put the planes together,” Trojanowski said.

For those students interested in joining the S.T.E.M. program, visit the S.T.E.M. Center on campus in room 222 in the Martin Luther King building.

Students can also visit the S.T.E.M. web site at rccstem.com. Or they can contact S.T.E.M. President Ariana Ramirez, Vice President Alejandra Pesqueira, or Adviser Charity Trojanowski for more information.

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