Overcrowded classrooms prove to be problematic

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By Jennifer Lemus / Staff Writer

By Jennifer Lemus / Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Unified school district is taking a big hit towards the students, parents and teachers.

Since many of the teachers have been laid off, many of the students will have to be in classrooms where there will be more students than there are suppose to be.

 A program that is currently in place called Magnet would experience a big reduction towards funding.

This program receives more money because students are placed in a high level meaning that there test scores are high above.

In this case, the students and teachers will be the ones that will be really affected because a teacher will have no job and that means they will not have any income to pay their bills.

On the other hand, the students will be affected as well because it will be hard for them to learn since the classroom is passed the capacity.

Students will not have the attention from the teacher because the teacher will not have enough time to go with every student if they do not understand what is being taught that day.

Board members from the L.A. school district are planning on reducing more money towards school.

 This is a bad idea because more students will not have a proper education as the student grows up.

Education should be the number one priority for students because it is the base foundation for their future.

 Students should have the right to learn new subjects in a classroom with only about twenty students, so the teacher can fully attend to everyone’s needs  and help students who do not understand. Unfortunately, this is not happening in California’s education system.

“It is not only impossible, it is wrong and it is immoral,” said Yolie Flores in the Los Angeles Times.

As a board member, she is very upset with the fact that the school’s budget is being reduced by millions of dollars and the board members would keep cutting the budget.

Parents should also have the right to do something about their child’s education because no parent would like to see their child be behind in school just because there is no funding for education.

Parents should do more protesting in front of the L.A. school district because this is not fair to students, teachers, and parents.

Students will not like to be attending school if there are many students in the classroom because they will not feel comfortable being around other students.

Many parents are wondering why the school board is doing this to the schools.

School is the second home for the student because they are there for almost half of the day to learn new things.

Many teachers are getting laid off since the school board believes that they are wasting more money on having more staff.

In this case, it may not be true.

The more teachers there are in school, the more  opportunities students have to ask questions, get attention from the teacher and learn new concepts.

 If a school did not have many staff members, or employees, then the students may get out of hand and it will make it hard for the staff to control a big amount of students if they are making a big mess or if they decide not to follow directions.

If the budgets cuts continue then the schools will have an overflow of students and not enough teachers to handle them all.

More parents will be angry towards the board of education because this is not fair for the students.

Students should be able to learn  and to have a better education, that way they can have a successful life and a brighter education.

These budgets cuts can also bring the community down because then parents will not have the help they need to have their child in a good hand of education.

Every parent would like their child to not worry about what is happening to their school because for some students the school is considered to be a second home for some kids that are really into it.

Board members should do their best not to cut down more teachers because they are the key for the student to have the knowledge to succeed in their education.

With the help of the community, teachers, and parents they can urge the board of education not to cut more money for public schools.

The community should fight and not let the board of education keep doing this because more people will take a big affect on this and there will not be a good result out of this.

It is better to start acting now and fight this because what matters the most is the education for the students, and the future of  the country depends on how well educated the youth is.


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