On campus jobs going extinct

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By Krisstal Lockhart / Staff Writer

Budget goes bye bye (Edward Diaz / Asst. Photo Editor )

By Krisstal Lockhart / Staff Writer

Thought you would skip the outside employment and get a job on campus? Students may want to continue your in-store/online applications. As one may know,  the economy is suffering severely on funds. This is causing universities and colleges to make budget cuts. As a result, Riverside City College had to make difficult decisions, one of them being the cutting of hundreds of student jobs.

It is already hard enough trying to be a student and balancing responsibilities as an adult.

This is especially hard for a full time student who needs to find a job with a flexible schedule which allows you a time for work, a time for school, and a time in-between.

To most students the best solution would be to work on campus, or at least one would think that.

Due to budget cuts, students are less likely to get hired and others are more likely to lose the on campus job they already have.

Not just the students who lost their jobs are affected but the ones that are still working too. For them it would mean more work in a short amount of time.

Which means some things might take a longer time to get processed and more pressure on student employees to maintain quality of work and to add more tasks. The twist is what hurts the college hurts the student body.

Instructors on campus are already suffering from budget cuts, with their classes on hold from lack of funds.

Due to these circumstances there were definitely cut backs on spending. Small things such as Christmas, birthdays, and much more are now limited; all because of budget cuts. Only paying for things that are important come first and foremost; if it does not fit into the budget one would suppose it just caries on to the next month. The way things seem to be changes are clearly needed.

We see how many around the situation are affected but the people that it directly affects are the students that lost their jobs.

Taking into consideration most people will not be able to get financial aid until May, simple tasks such as buying books are made difficult. Things such as gas money for going back and forth to college has become a giant hassle.

If things keep going downward financial wise there will be less students attending class. They will feel like they have to find outside employment in order to pay for the things they need and want. Some may have to work just to pay for college. Whatever the case may be, it is just horrible to see and hear how much the economy has affected the colleges and the employment of the students on campus.

 Even though RCC is suffering due to financial problems, there may be a way to boost student placements at staffing agencies or partner with companies to increase job availability for full time and part time students.

As a student body if nothing can be accomplished; we all should write the governor expressing the needs of employment on campus. People seriously have to rethink and change their everyday living.

One would think education and those receiving it would have the luxury of being able to work on campus.

If  there are enough people who are put in this situation, enough of an outcry will be heard and eventually the governor will have to do something about it.

Not only are the colleges suffering; but the employees and staff are as well. If the public doesn’t get immediate results, that does not mean it’s time to give up. That simply means that everyone must try harder and change will come. A change later is better than never.

Ultimately, the people have the power to change things if they speak up, so what will students do about budget cuts?

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