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‘No Strings Attached’ with hidden feelings

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By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

Emma and Adam begins their new friendship of “no strings attached.” (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

In the present day young adults prefer having a close friend of the opposite sex because young adults believe friends of the same sex cannot be trusted with private information which leads to unwanted fights.

The movie “No Strings Attached” features two young adults of the opposite sex who become long time friends, in the opening scene of the movie, through an awkward moment in the friends’ teen years.

The movie moves through a quick timeline in the first 10 minutes as director Ivan Reitman shows the audience key moments of the friends’ relationship from their teen years, college years and post-college years then the movie starts where the two friends are at a point of their lives where they are busy with their careers.

Although Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) lose contact then reconnect with each other multiple times in their timeline, they do eventually find each other once again when an odd, uncomfortable experience happens between Adam and his father (Kevin Kline) and leads Adam to search for a female companion.

The two friends are reunited this time at a critical point of their lives where they are looking for different satisfactions from the opposite sex. Emma wants sexual satisfaction while Adam is looking for love.

As in the majority of real life relationships of the present day, close friends of the opposite sex always question whether to ruin their friendship and see if they can have a sexual relationship but remain friends. Emma and Adam challenge this scenario and try the idea for themselves.

The two set off on a wild period of sexual intercourse that ranged from the bedroom to the hospital’s storage room and places in between as the two set rules (no strings attached) and claim to each other that the other one will be the first to fall in love.  

“No Strings Attached” flips normality and gives the role of wanting sex to the female and the role of wanting to find love to the male but the question of the movie is, “Can great friends have great sex without the feelings that comes with a committed relationship?”

The question takes the whole movie to answer the question but “No Strings Attached” is a great movie for those best friends who are of the opposite sex and who are looking to see if there is anything else in their friendship. The unwritten rule is: a male and female cannot be best friends without having some sort of sexual relationship.

This movie might not be everyone’s all-time favorite movie or the year’s best movie but “No Strings Attached” does make up for a great “couple’s movie,” meaning any couple can sit down and enjoy the comedy and romance of this movie.

“No Strings Attached” can be mistaken for another “chick flick” (a woman’s movie) but men can find this movie very entertaining because this movie brings out men’s fantasy of having that one woman who strictly wants them for sex.

The movie will leave movie-goers asking themselves, “Can someone really have sex without developing feelings for the other person?”

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