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‘Jackass’ takes the 3-D experience to a new level

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By Steve Thomsen / Staff Writer

By Steve Thomsen / Staff Writer

In this day and age, where the whole 3-D revolution has taken over, one must ask themselves sensible questions.

For example, “is making a movie where a bunch of testosterone bound idiots who puke and defecate on the camera in three dimensions necessary?”

The answer is a resounding: no, it is not at all. But my goodness, is it amusing. Anyone who can deny that they didn’t at least giggle for every 3-D slow motion fist to the face or kick to the groin has no funny bone, or at least has no juvenile funny bone.

How appropriate that a 3-D “Beavis and Butthead” introduced the movie, which was probably the best thing to ever be done in box office history. Throughout the whole movie the audience will no doubt ask “why is this in 3-D? What’s the point?”

Then they’ll forget and marvel at the idiocy the filmmakers somehow pulled off in three dimensions in this hilarious and somewhat familiar sequel from America’s favorite band of idiots in “Jackass 3-D.”

So how is this different from the other two movies, besides the 3-D gimmick? Not that different at all. There’s still the same disgusting and often dangerous skits that fueled the other reality based movies, and in some ways this one didn’t really step it up from the other two. That’s not to say that you won’t laugh until it hurts, but it really doesn’t deviate from the formula in any significant way.

Anyone who’s seen the show, or even a commercial for the show, knows what to expect. Johnny Knoxville, the fearless leader of the Jackass squad, has survived an amazing career and constantly puts his life in jeopardy for his fan’s amusement. For that, they owe him their gratitude. But that doesn’t mean that this broke any new or exciting ground.  

Most of the pranks that occur are so disgusting they can’t be written about in a newspaper, but suffice it to say it is larger and grosser than ever before. However, this time around didn’t feel like the step up that “Jackass 2” achieved.

One of the skits involves Johnny Knoxville dressing up as an old man and pretending to make out with his granddaughter, only to be caught by his wife and the girl’s grandmother. It was kind of funny, but didn’t achieve the same guttural laugh as in the second movie where he gives his grandson cigarettes and gets confronted by an angry tough-guy wannabe.

But some of the 3-D gags are hilarious. Bam Margera has a special section called “Rocky” where he splashes an unsuspecting victim with water and then punches them in the face with a boxing glove. The slow motion 3-D effect that results is truly a piece of cinematic genius.

And watching Steve-O play tetherball with a beehive is also an amazing example of all that this movie did right. You see the swarm swoop past the glasses and come to marvel at the complexity of a shot that good on a movie this stupid.

It’s hard to really be critical of such idiots, so there will be none. It’s more of the same, but this time around the fun’s in 3-D. Anyone who bought a ticket and left disappointed, didn’t take the time to absorb the Jackass formula and decide if it worked for them or not.

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