Disney’s California Adventure puts new twist on classic ’80s fun

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

By Stephanie Holland / Editor In Chief

In anticipation of the release of the new movie “Tron Legacy,” Disney’s California Adventure has a new nighttime showcase called “ElecTronica.”


The activities take place in Hollywood Pictures Backlot when the sun goes down.


There is a stage show in the Sunshine Plaza that counts down to the opening of the event. Guests are then welcomed into Hollywood which features screens showing the “Tron: Legacy” trailer, a light show and dance music.


The “Muppetvision 3D” attraction shuts down for the evening and the theater is used to show the trailer in 3-D while using the attraction effects to enhance the experience.


The highlight of “ElecTronica” is Flynn’s Arcade, a recreation of the arcade from the films.


It features classic ‘80s games like “Centipede,” “Pac Man,” “Punch Out” and of course “Tron.” Another great feature of the arcade is that unlike today’s games all the classic games only require one token.


Disney really out did itself with this promotion. It couldn’t have been easy to find playable versions of some of those games. When was the last time anyone saw a “Dig Dug” arcade machine?


The only drawback is that there are only two token machines and one “Tron” game. This makes for long lines in both areas.


However, these are small complaints to an otherwise fun and unique experience.


The anticipation for “Tron: Legacy” is already high, and “ElecTronica” adds to that excitement as a retro and cool way to get ready for the movie.

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