Jimmy Eat World as good as ever

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By Jason Ho / Asst. Inscape Editor

By Jason Ho / Asst. Inscape Editor

 After three years of no music,  Jimmy Eat World is finally back with a hard-hitting new album “Invented.”

According to Billboard.com, the band mainly marketed their new album through the Internet.

The band creates hype for its loyal fans by releasing songs from its new album online, as if they were teaser trailers.

The music groups sound remains the same, still punk/pop and maybe a hint of digital effects. Still, they stay true to their original music style.

Through those means, it’s obvious to see why their fandom stays true to the band.

Some of the band’s music also has a ballad feel to it, mellow, calm, and serene.

For example, the song, “Invented,” opens with several guitar riffs and crescendos into the song, and it remains soft sung and calming, but near the end it explodes into a closing rock sequence then transitions back into the soft sung and calming feel and then ends.

According to iTunes, this album was rated four and a half out of five stars.

In the normal album, you get 12 tracks, but in the deluxe edition you get four additional tracks, including is a demo song, “Anais.”

“Anais” opens with a good guitar drive but becomes a let-down near the middle.

The song ends up becoming dull and repetitive, but the track has good rock music in the background. Overall, it was disappointing.

A few of the tracks, “Heart Is Hard To Find,” “Coffee And Cigarettes,” “Movielike,” “Cut” and “Invented” feature indie folk singer-songwriter and musician Courtney Marie Andrews.

The best song on the album is the first track, “Heart Is Hard To Find.”

It opens with a very folk song feel to it. You hear a guitar strumming and clapping correlating, and then a violin crescendo, making the track sound incredibly epic.

Two minutes in, you hear a break in the song accompanied by harmonizing violins, and the song becomes beautiful and complete. The singer closes the track, and then it ends.

After listening to the album several  times, similarities between this album and the group’s previous albums becomes evident.

It is similar to the album “Clarity,” “Chase This Light” and “Bleed American.” This album seems like a mesh of all three albums into one, or a hybrid or offspring of those three.

Though the album is average, it has a few good songs, and because the band has a reputation of keeping the same style, it seemed that a lot of the songs had repetitive tones and music.

The lyrics are amazing and is something you can relate to, which is the best thing that a band can deliver to its audience. Lyrics alone still won’t satiate the fans, the group would have to give in to changing up the music or make their music more enticing. Perhaps bring in new fans, maybe even a diverse group of fans. Even so, the group, for now, is good as it is.

Jimmy Eat World again delivers another good album, and it’s worthy of praise from their fans.

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