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By Samantha Flores / Staff Writer

Signing to save (Diana Ly / Staff Photographer)

By Samantha Flores / Staff Writer

During times of world disasters, earthquakes, oil spills and bad economy, there may seem to be no good left in this world.

Luckily, there are organizations that strive to keep hope alive such as Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization.

They use peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems.

They want to promote solutions through research, advocacy and lobbying, to ensure a greener future.

The Greenpeace mission is to expose global environmental problems, ensure that the earth is able to nurture life in all its diversity and to create methods that will benefit future generations.

Greenpeace is an independent and non-partisan organization.

They do not solicit donations from corporations or governments.

According to, in 1971, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada in an old fishing boat named ‘The Phyllis Cormack.’

These activists, the founders of Greenpeace, believed just a few individuals could make a difference.

Greenpeace’s desire to “bear witness” to U.S. underground nuclear testing at Amchitka, a tiny island off the West Coast of Alaska initiated the beginning of the organization.

Amchitka was the last refuge for 3,000 endangered sea otters, and home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and other wildlife.

Even though their old boat was intercepted before it got to Amchitka, the journey sparked a flurry of public interest.

Though the nuclear bomb was still detonated the outcome of the event produced positive results.

Nuclear testing on Amchitka ended that same year, and the island was later declared a bird sanctuary.

Greenpeace had no idea how life altering the incident would later be.

It was the beginning of an organization that works to contribute to the many issues that face the world each and every day.

The global headquarters for Greenpeace is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has been standing strong for three centuries.

Greenpeace has 2.8 million supporters world-wide and has national locations with regional offices in 41 countries.

The organization has not only millions of supporters, but supporters that insist on making a difference by being active participants in the cause.

Its committed activists and supporters have come together to ban commercial whaling.

They are currently attempting to convince the world’s leaders to stop nuclear testing, protect Antarctica, and much more.

Today, Greenpeace has grown from a small group of dedicated activists to an international organization with offices located all over the globe.

Everyday is another member, another activist, another friend.

Even after 30 years as an established organization the spirit and mission remain the same.

The members’ fight to save the planet has grown more serious with the threat of global warming, destruction of ancient forests, deterioration of oceans, and fear of a nuclear disaster being a constant subject in the media.

Greenpeace is actively working to address these and many other issues.

It may be difficult for college students to participate in the Greenpeace fight with school being a top priority, but they can still make a difference.

Greenpeace wants everyone to know they can take part, whether it be something small or big.

For those students able and willing to put in their time, there are several locations within the Southern California area.

These locations dedicate a majority of their time and efforts into the global warming campaign.

Global warming may or may not be progressing as quickly as some project, but Greenpeace is trying to get people aware of the issue.

There are also many other ways in which you can support Greenpeace and continue to be an advocate for a green and peaceful future.

Greenpeace encourages donations but emphasize the importance of contacting elected officials and corporate executives about environmental issues.

On the third Wednesday of every month the Southern California branch can be found at 1727 N. Vermont Ave, Suite 210 in Los Feliz.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can be an integral part of their victories.


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