It’s a no goal for ‘2010 FIFA’

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By juan Aguilar / Asst. Inscape Editor

Goal- Mexico’s forward Omar Bravo attempts to outrun his US opponent Oguchi Onyewu in hopes of scoring a goal. (Games Press)

By juan Aguilar / Asst. Inscape Editor

The level of excitement is high for this summer’s World Cup.

Let’s hope the video game didn’t bring that level down a notch because it was lame.

In fact, “2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa” is just like any other soccer game you have probably played in the last five years.

Of course, sports games are always about the exciting competition and usually consists of gathering a group of friends to make teams and start a tournament; money can even be put on the line if it gets that serious.

After a couple hours of game play though, everyone will realize the only thing this game really has to offer is the competition, nothing more.

Eventually that group of friends will get tired of the game and then a desperate question may come about: do you have any sick games to play?

Better hope you do otherwise the friend who has “Bioshock 2” is going to steal your thunder and become the new hero.

The game, which is based off of this summer’s World Cup in South Africa, features the national teams of almost every country in the world, even the teams that didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

In single player mode, you can choose your country and play them to the final round in Campaign mode.

Compete against other countries and build the skill to become a World Cup champion.

This can also be done in multiplayer mode, which utilizes online game play to create a new type of competition.

You can invite your friends to an online tournament, or play against random gamers around the world who’ll prove to be more challenging than the computed competition you get in single player mode.

Aside from the competitive aspect, there is nothing cool and fascinating about this game.

The graphics are weak for its time as they look similar to the graphics seen in the last edition of “FIFA World Cup.”

Since this game only comes out every four years, they could have seriously put some effort into making it an awesome game.

Unfortunately, Electronic Arts lacked the enthusiasm.

The game still uses the classic top view camera angle, which makes the players look like little spectacles on a green field with colorful dots for fans.

The players themselves might even be disappointed with how bad they look for this game.

The fans needed to have personality as well. This is done with ridiculous Mohawks, bogus apparel and funny faces that are good for the wacky type of fans.

If someone didn’t know any better they would say this game is like a kid’s game.

It was cool to see a globe revolving when picking different countries around the world as it gives a nice and fun way to learn some geography.

It also provided some fun soccer facts about South Africa during loading time which were some what interesting, but not enough to mention to other people afterwards.

The controls are similar to other games as well: The joystick maneuvers the player and ball and individual buttons are assigned to different types of kicks, such as short passing, long passing or shooting for the goal.

The official stadiums in the game surprisingly had some nice detail which is a plus.

Overall, this game could have done a lot better.

The graphics and camera angles are played out.

With the awesome game play that new generation platforms dish out, perhaps some new camera angles would be more intriguing, like a third person view of a player running through the field and scoring the goal.

For the gamer looking to get the most out of their system, this game isn’t worth the price, but for the true soccer fan, this game would make a great gift for any occasion.


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