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By Juan Aguilar / Asst. inscape Editor

By Juan Aguilar / Asst. inscape Editor

Watching movies about the future where kids would race by on their hovering skateboards makes people wish they could own one too.

Well as technology continues to evolve, futuristic imagination is being put into the realm of total possibility and is offering it to almost any individual willing to pay for it.

Of course, there are no hovering skateboards, flying cars or robots making dinner, at least not available to the public, but there is a new device which is a step up from the average computer.

The newest and intriguing gadget from Apple, the iPad is definitely an example of a technological achievement.

But for every new product comes price tags that make some people wish they owned such a thing.

The sleek iPad weighs one and a half pounds and is half and inch thin.

It has a high-resolution LED screen measuring at almost 10 inches diagonally. It truly is high definition for its size.

The battery life can also last up to 10 hours.

With either a 16GB, 32GB, or a 64GB available, the cost of the iPad ranges from $500 to $830, depending on its memory size.

Some say it’s worth the money and some say it’s a waste, but disregard the price for a moment and you may appreciate what this new device has to offer.

The most common argument is that the iPad is basically a supersized iPhone.

While this may be partially true, its size shouldn’t undermine what Apple has enabled single objects to perform.

The iPad has features that make it one hair short of perfection.

Surf the web, watch movies in high definition, or share photos, it can be done at any time simply by touching the screen.

Maybe you want to stick to the fundamentals and listen to music, or maybe you want to make it.

Yes, music can be made with this contraption as it features a keyboard and music production tools which can be recorded and even synced with other iPads.

Another cool feature from the iPad is the iBooks software.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs recently introduced iBooks on the ipad which allows users to read books, magazines and newspapers at any time.

Users can also purchase books, magazines and newspapers from the iBookstore.

Think of how much that would help the environment. Less paper equals more trees.

Still, that’s not enough for the iPad, as it nearly has endless amounts of applications for those users who intend it to work its full potential.

From touch friendly to motion sensitive puzzles and games, the iPad has a wide variety of amusing activities to keep you playing for hours.

One application called ” Grind” is a skateboarding game where the players fingers are used to control the skateboard, requiring precision in finger placement and timing.

But this new contraption is not all about entertainment.

The iPad is also very useful for business and everyday use.

Users can check their investments in real time , keep up to date with stock market news with the many business functions available or look up driving directions on the map app.

With this single device being able to perform so many tasks, over one hundred features, the iPad truly proves itself to be universal.

Consumers always want more and Apple has always delivered; it’s easy to believe their technology has come this far.

Still, Apple is not the first to introduce this touch screen technology, but the fully loaded mini computer is unlike the rest and Jobs promises consumers their version will be the best.

What used to require multiple mediums can now be done on one small, sleek electronic device.

The touch screen sensitivity is incredibly accurate, never performing the wrong task.

Not to mention the iPad’s attractive look. Imagine walking in to a room and seeing it lying on a table, it will no doubt attract as much attention as George Clooney.

Consumers can definitely appreciate the time and effort it took Apple to present us with this computerized object of the future.

There is much more to come in the advancement of Apple technology and beyond, but what’s available now proves the future we imagined is real.





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