‘Let’s do the time warp again’

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor in Chief

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By Stephanie Holland / Editor in Chief

Time travel movies have been a Hollywood favorite since the moment Michael J. Fox buckled up inside the DeLorean.

In the new comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine” the time travel premise is taken to new raunchy and hilarious heights.

In the film, four friends played by John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke, fall victim to a hot tub malfunction that sends them back to 1986.

They are sent back to a party weekend at a ski resort and once there, they must relive the events that happened to them 24 years ago.

This film is absolutely one of the most offensive movies to hit theaters in a long time. However, it is also one of the most hilarious.

Most of the funniest scenes in the film are so raunchy that they can’t even be described, but, the audience loved every minute of the movie and were laughing non-stop for 90 minutes.

Cusack gained early fame in classic ‘80s teen hits “Say Anything” and “Better Off Dead,” so this was like a reunion with an old friend for him. As Adam he must relive the moment that he dumps his girlfriend, however he feels like this could be the moment where everything went wrong so he resists the break-up.

It is this change of events that leads him to Lizzy Caplan as April, a free spirit who challenges Adam to enjoy life a little more.

At the film’s press weekend in Lake Tahoe, cast members spoke about how much fun they had working together and what goes into making a film this crazy.

Caplan like many girls of her generation developed a crush on Cusack in “Say Anything” and expressed her excitement at playing his love interest.

“About three days in I realized ‘oh my god I’m kissing Lloyd Dobler,'” she said.

The rest of the cast also expressed their delight at working with Cusack.

Robinson and Duke said that Cusack made their improvisation easier because he plays every take a little differently.

Robinson has one of the most outrageous scenes in the movie when he performs the ‘80s classic “Jessie’s Girl” and The Black Eyed Peas hit “Let’s Get It Started.”

In the film the four main characters are depicted as life long friends and apparently that bond was easily achieved for the actors.

“When you spend 18 hours a day with someone it’s kind of hard not to become close,” Duke said.

Robinson, Corddry and Duke said that most of their bonding happened over long nights at the local karaoke bar.

Those long nights paid off because the chemistry of the cast is what sells the audience on such an out there premise.

Many of the most hilarious moments involve the cast members playing off of each other.

While Cusack is the star, Corddry gets a lot of the loudest laughs. His character Lou is definitely the most unlikable person in the film, but Corddry uses some outrageous comedy skills to make the audience root for Lou.

The lone voice of reason in this motley crew is Duke’s character Jacob who fights to keep the group from getting distracted. He must also ensure that he is conceived when he runs into his mother and discovers her sordid past.

Perhaps the best gag of the film features Crispin Glover as a bell man who will lose an arm during the course of the weekend. Glover performs various ridiculous physical comedy bits, each one more outrageous than the previous, as the audience wonders how he will eventually lose his arm.

Glover first came to fame in the ‘80s and said he loved returning to the time period.

“It’s been 25 years since ‘Back to the Future’ and this film takes place at that same time,” he said.

Pop culture usually has a 20 year cycle, so everything old becomes popular again 20 years later. “Hot Tub Time Machine” takes advantage of this premise with a hilarious story that salutes everything worth loving and hating about ‘80s. This is a film that would make Marty McFly proud.

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