Coffee Depot at the Plaza to close

Coffee, baked goods, open mic events, and most of all the good times and memories are all about to end.

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By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

Coffee, baked goods, open mic events, and most of all the good times and memories are all about to end.
We all seem to be getting used to the fact that local shops, restaurants, and businesses are closing due to economic issues, but it’s a sad day when a place that brings local artists together closes.
The local Coffee Depot at the Riverside Plaza, not to be confused with the other Coffee Depot in downtown Riverside is unfortunately closing toward the end of Dec. Originally the coffee shop had let customers know that their business would officially close at the end of Nov, but now the business will hang in there through the Christmas season.
“I believe that the closing of Coffee Depot will affect people in a negative way because there are so many people that play their music either for fun or to put their music out there to people,” said Marty Talamantes, a Riverside City College student.
Although the company is now staying open through the Christmas season the last open mic session took place on Nov, 24. The open mics at the Coffee Depot used to take place every Tuesday with an abundance of people over packing the little coffee shop, even making some of the musicians play outside.
“The musicians at coffee depot make their music relatable by using their music to represent some of their deepest feelings. Whether the song be about break ups, friendships, or just a hard time in life,” said Lindsey Miller, who attended the last open mic night. “The owner seems really involved and makes the audience and performers very comfortable in his venue. I’m really bummed open mic is over.”
With open mic coming to an end the local artists that usually played every Tuesday are now forced to find other places to play their music. Now the local mic night will take place at Killarneys Restaurant and Irish Pub, which is also located at the Riverside Plaza.
It is kind of a hole in the wall. There isn’t much room inside to actually sit and watch people. Plus the rent at the plaza is super expensive, and they also might have a harder time competing with the Starbucks and what not,” said Mary Reynard, another RCC student.
“I think people will get their caffeine fix elsewhere now, probably borders,” said Jordana Diaz.
Not everyone is taking the closing as lightly though.
“I was shocked when I found out Coffee Depot is closing. I can’t believe they would close a place that was so popular and full with people who love music and coffee. It was just such a nice atmosphere,” said Melissa Gonzalez.
Local musician Maz Chiong would often come down to the Coffee Depot and be a usual performer on Tuesday nights. “The ukulele makes her acoustic. Her voice is really nice and she can change up some songs pretty well,” Talamantes said.
In the end the local talent portrayed within the doors of Coffee Depot will be no more. Entertainment will have to be sought after at Killarneys at the plaza now instead, but maybe in the end the change will be good.


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