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Christmas at the Plaza

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By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

By Andrew Kendall / Staff Writer

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! It’s a time of year when the spirit of magic unfolds in a Childs eyes. Get your Christmas spirit ready because Christmas returns at the Riverside Plaza on Friday, Nov. 20!
Santa will once again arrive in his sleigh full of goodies and other Christmas activities at 6 p.m. What is Christmas without a tree? The fountain in front of the theater has yet again become the 50-foot tree that we have all come to know and love. Successfully it brings the spirit of Christmas alive.
“Seeing them start to put up the tree in Nov. at the plaza always gets me extremely excited,” said Emily Voigt. “It means that Christmas is slowly on its way and I think that the tree successfully brings Christmas alive at the plaza!”
According to the Riverside Plaza’s website, “This is a ‘green’ Christmas tree, because no live tree gave its life to be put on display, and, all of the lighting on the tree is made of is energy-efficient LEDs. The Riverside Plaza cares about its impact on future generations and it cares about the environment, too.”
After the tree lighting at 6 p.m. enjoy taking a picture with Santa, but don’t forget to let him know your Christmas wishes.
Being from California we’re prone to not having snow, we’ve had our small instances where we were in awe at a little bit of frost, but experience snow the way it should be. Near El Torito the song “let it snow” will take on a whole new meaning. Falling snow and a holiday music show shall dazzle and entertain you, as well bring out the excitement of the upcoming holidays.
Every Friday and every Saturday evening shall be a time for rockin’ around the Christmas tree as the Plaza will offer a variety of live holiday music conveniently placed in front of the tree and movie theater.
All entertainment at the plaza is free, which can help save a buck or two as most people are probably saving to buy all their family and friends presents.
The plaza also has a variety of perfect stores for shopping. The newly opened Forever 21, Miry, Borders, even gift cards to the theater would make a perfect stocking stuffer.
“My favorite part of the holiday season arriving at the plaza is the hot chocolate in the Borders book store,” said Zoe Odien, a Riverside City College student. “My friends and I discovered that we could get a shot of vanilla in it and ever since then we look forward to it every year.”
Santa, snow, music, the plaza certainly seems to have their act together when it comes to the holidays. You don’t miss out on the entertainment or even an ounce of the holiday magic this season holiday season.
For more information, you can visit the Plaza’s official website at: www.shopriversideplaza.com, or give Sean Faustina, the marketing director a call at 951-683-1066.

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