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By Jessica Denilofs / Staff Writer, Aubrianna Plavajka / Staff Writer

Donation Time (Feliciano Gonzalez / Staff Photographer)

By Jessica Denilofs / Staff Writer, Aubrianna Plavajka / Staff Writer

Shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste;  these basic necessities, used daily and easily taken for granted could help more than expected.

The Associated Students of Riverside City College donation programs’ duty is to aid students who are financially unable to buy basic hygiene products, such as soap, deodorant and laundry detergent by supplying them with packages of necessities.

Student Government President Israel Landa was drawn to an issue which came up while at an unrelated committee meeting. Students had been going to their counselors informing them that they felt uncomfortable coming to classes due to their poor hygiene, since they were unable to afford hygiene products.

The cause was taken to the District Senate. Landa and the committee then began asking people to donate products to help their fellow students.

The committee meets weekly to discuss new ways of encouraging students to donate to the program.

They also urge large companies and corporations to donate the necessities to help the students in need.

Students can help in several different ways.

Students can join the committee and take a hands on approach to aiding with the problem.

Students can donate hygiene products by taking them to one of the bins, located in the administration building and the student government office or by giving them directly to student services.

Students can also help by spreading the word. When at a grocery store, students can tell the manager about the program and ask if they’re willing to help.

“Even if you can donate just one toothbrush or one bar of soap, it will help,” Landa said.

Last semester, approximately 60 students used the program and around 120 packages were given out.

This semester, not many students have used the program, but, according to Landa, this could be due to the fact that students are not yet aware of the help they could be receiving.

Most of the products donated already have been from faculty. Some students have been generous enough to help out, but not as many as there could be.

There are other programs which help with the same issue, but this program is the only one that gives immediate help.

Those students who are in need of assistance from the program can go to student services to get a package of products.

Student identification is required to verify that the student attends RCC.

Any student assistance remains confidential.

“If you don’t need the help then don’t take it just because it’s offered, but if you sincerely do need it, then come get it; it’s there for you,” Landa said.

This has been a long lasting issue that people don’t talk about because they don’t realize it is a real problem.

A problem which RCC is working to fix.


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