‘Paranormal’ provides screams

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By Javier Cabrera / Sports Editor

(Paramount Pictures)

By Javier Cabrera / Sports Editor

Picture yourself living with your hot girlfriend and then getting the word that she has been haunted by a demon of some kind since she was a child.

As an amateur, you pull out your camera and microphones and tell your girlfriend everything will be ok because you are not going to let anything come into your house and mess with her.

“Paranormal Activity” is about a young couple named Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston who are being terrified for weeks by a demon who is obsessed with Featherston.

Originally made as an independent film with a crew of only three people, the film costed around $15 thousand to make and has brought in over $35 million.

The raw quaility of the amateur filmmaking made the story more believeable.

In anticipation of wanting to see the film, people from around the country demanded to have it brought to their city.

The story is that Featherston has been haunted by a demon since childhood and has had paranormal activity occurring to her on and off throughout her life.

Since moving in with her boyfriend, she has begun to sense that the activity is starting to pick up and Sloat has the idea to document all their experiences on camera.

Pretending to be a ghostbuster, Sloat walks around with his camera, and refuses to let her contact a demon expert until it is too late.

Sloat sets the camera up every night right before they head off to bed. Each time this process occurs, the momentum builds and the audience begins to freak out.

Featherston awakes terrified one night from a bad dream.

As she explains to Sloat what happened, a loud bang suddenly comes from somewhere in the house. The  demon’s sound is disguised, since it sounded like a large tree had slammed into the house.

It was the start of a cycle of unexplained events that occured each night.

Eventually, Sloat’s ideas will make the situation with the demon worse, and the demon will do something more spine-chilling each time.

“Paranormal Activity” will leave you fearful and sleepless for nights as the filmmaker’s objective of the movie is to have people afraid to be alone in their own home.

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