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‘Magna Carta’ better than reality

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By Adrian Pascua / Staff Writer

(Games Press)

By Adrian Pascua / Staff Writer

It’s the perfect distraction for the hardcore role-playing gamers that either don’t have a PlayStation 3 or who are looking for a suitable game for the Xbox 360.

“Magna Carta 2” for the Xbox 360 is a beautifully crafted game.

Its story starts off in a country called Lanzheim that is torn apart by civil war breaking the country into north and south fractions.

The hero Juto is somewhat of a slacker and the unwilling hero who suffers from amnesia, leaving him with no recollection of his past, but with a power hidden within.

Gamers will notice that the same graphics are used in movie sequences, cut scenes, major dialogues and gameplay.

Giving the game a smoother look where there are no breaks for an improved movie sequence during gameplay.

This utilizes the Xbox 360’s ability to the fullest giving the player a lot of eye candy.

The environment in gameplay falls nothing short of spectacular.

Filled with lush forests, calm sea shores and cavern filled monsters, each specific environment makes the game eye catching and gives the gamer plenty of motivation to try and move on to the next new area of the world.

No matter where you go, the world around Juto seems to come to life.

The battle system is what the world of role playing games has come to, the future.

Traditionally introduced to the world of massively multiplayer online gaming, the battle system is no longer random, but now to the point where the enemy can be seen and where the player can either choose to avoid battle or engage the enemy.

Players will need to make split second decisions to defeat enemies and will need to be conservative in their attacks.

If a player decides to continuously attack for too long he or she can cause Juto to overheat and leave him immobile and open to enemy attack. Which can sometimes be problematic.

The upside to continuously attacking is that it gives the player the ability to use the overdrive ability which unleashes a damaging signature attack that can change from weapon to weapon.

The other thing players will notice is when they open the box to play the game, “Magna Carta 2” comes with two discs giving the gamer hours upon hours of game time so that they forget that another world, called reality,  exists outside Lanzheim .

If you want a game that will last you longer than six hours of gameplay, this is it. 

Gamers will surely not be disappointed with “Magna Carta 2.”

It has everything a gamer could ask for: good graphics, engaging gameplay,  an awesome story and female characters that just seem to fall out of their tops.

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