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By John Kilgore / Staff Writer

Live music (John Kilgore / Staff Writer)

By John Kilgore / Staff Writer

Stepping into Mission Tobacco Lounge in downtown Riverside produces a luxurious sight for one’s eyes.

Setting the scene were the stage lights and the twenty-four foot ceiling which is gold and intricately designed.

With spacious and ample seating arrangements, live music is the main attraction here in this historical part of downtown.

Theodore Roosevelt had visited Riverside in 1903 and the building was erected and dedicated in his memory.

Leaving aside this fantastic historical building, residents from near and far come to enjoy this lounge and its live performances.

Married with three children, Scott Bunch prefers live music on the venue.

“Oh yeah, hell yeah, got to have music,” Bunch said.

A very curious and gracious bartender welcomes guests to the the Mission Tobacco Lounge.

All guests are welcomed to become a part of their V.I.P. Program. Joining the Rewards Card and V.I.P. Program lets you enjoy a five to 10 percent discount.

Purchase a pre-paid card and receive 10 percent credit.

Standing by the Declaration of Independence, Cigar Rights of America fights to protect your right to enjoy cigars.

Premium cigars are a splendid touch, displayed next to the front entrance.

Having it all, Mission Tobacco Lounge offers a variety of smooth, cold and excellent beverages.

Emotionally gripping musicians move people to the sound of their bands talented ways, plus a large variety of quality cigars are on hand along with plenty of food for your dollar.

Gathered together are couples accompanying each other on a date, being emotionally swayed by the live music.

With the pounding of Bill Fergus’ foot, the kick drum vibrates from the ground up, starting off the night with plenty of heavenly expectations.

By the nights end their expectations were definitely met.

Applause came and went with the end of each song as the music filled everyone’s soul to the max. 

John Carreon, a care taker from Perris and former Riverside resident, stepped into the Mission Tobacco Lounge for the first time and really dug the divine atmosphere.

When it comes to Mission Tobacco Lounge’s sublime environment, “I’m really relaxed,” Carreon said.

Compared to just hanging out, Carreon saw a reason to return to the lounge with its live rock venues.

Filling the room with musical talent, Park and Raga proved themselves to be top notch.

Sitting at the tables tapping their feet, eating and drinking cold brews, patrons we
re adorned with expressions of merriment.

Fans, Tyler Williams and Trisha Mchugh have seen Park and Raga before.

“I just got back from Washington and my friends will be showing up,” Williams said. “I’m mostly here for my friends.”

“Though I’m not an avid listener to live music, I’d say it improves things,” Williams said. “And afterwards I can say, ‘Hey that was cool.'”

With glasses of choice liquor in hand, moods changed with the beat, tune and strum of the guitar produced by Park and Raga.

At this fun and friendly atmosphere, guest are beckoned to the dance floor.

Great food is a compliment to this establishment that has been operating since 1985.

Supporters of the band take to cold and delicious drinks at their dining tables which surround the stage in the shape of a U.

Seating allows for everyone to have a great spot during the band’s performance.

With few exceptions, most are familiar with the musical talent that shows up to perform for their  excited guests and fans.

Another round of satisfying drinks is poured all around as Park and Raga lift the crowd’s spirit with humor and shouts of encouragement.

Andrew Saxena played his guitar while singing to the vicious beats brought on by Bill Fergus. Bassist Brian Lane strummed good vibrations during their 45 minutes on-stage.

After awakening everyone’s interest, guitarist Ivan Aguirre set his guitar aside after the band’s final set.

“This place is like a Riverside secret,” Aguirre said. “Mission Tobacco Lounge offers a great stage and a cool and mellow environment.”

Whistles are heard as the band ends their set.

Constant chatter abounds as all musical instruments tear to a finish.

Patrons take a trip down memory lane as they relax at the close of the evening, reminiscing over old times.


Master of the mic (Brandon Morgan / Staff Photographer)

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