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Dancing to raise awareness

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By Mario Navarro / Asst. Insider Editor

By Mario Navarro / Asst. Insider Editor

The Landis Performing Arts Center is filled with tasteful music, fine art and food.

Upon entering, it definitely feels like a special performance will be made tonight.

The night is Oct. 3 and Dancers For Life is about to go on in an hour.

While waiting for the performance to start, guests are having wonderful conversations with friends and families about arts, politics and work.

Among the audience members  were women who dragged their husbands along and men in their early 20s.

The whole audience was dressed to impress for tonight’s festivites.

The women were all dressed in a sophisticated manner as well as the men who also dressed dapper for the night. 

While waiting, a silent auction was held that had pieces by artists such as Manny Lopez, John Hopkins, Stephen Horn and Robert Jew.

The art pieces consisted of paintings of literature and furniture.

These pieces of art were quite eye catching and were definitely fine pieces of art.

Then the doors opened for the audience to finally enter and everyone was seated, eager for the show to begin.

The theatre was filled with complete darkness.

The show started with an introduction which thanked everyone for coming out on this very special night.

An array of colors and dramatic music began to play as the first two female dancers stepped onto the stage gracefully with a dramatic setup that gave a sense of compassion for the dancers.

As the night continued, many terrific performers continued to dance the night away.

From beginning to end, each performance had a great amount of energy that the audience definitely felt.

The disco themed dance number was the one that the crowd absolutely loved.

The performance had great choreography, funny acting and it almost felt real, as though we were watching three pairs of lovers actually fall in love with one another.

Each of the actors in that dance performance represented something different in their acting.

Each performance that was put on for the audience lasted well up to 10 minutes each.

Since the dances were so inviting, it hardly felt like the dances were long.

In fact, the show was so intriguing that, the actors left the audience wanting more and more of their spectacular dancing.

The night continued with spectacular dancing, terrific performances and many applauses.

The night was coming to a close and the final performance blew the whole audience away.

It was clearly a spectacular night.

Dancers For Life is a charity that helps spread the word about HIV and AIDS.

HIV and AIDS is an epidemic that has effected the world and has caused the deaths of many people.

Charities like Dancers For Life were created to help people living with or affected  by the disease.

Jo Dierdoff is the founder of Dancers For Life.

Her plan for creating Dancers For Life was to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS charities in order to help out with this epidemic.

Since it has started, Dancers For Life has managed to raise $70,000 for other programs that deal with HIV and AIDS.

This year, all funds generated will go to the Fuyang  AIDS Orphan Association.

The organization provides care and education to children affected by AIDS  in the Fuyang and Henan province in China.

HIV is a disease that attacks cells in a persons body called T-cells, they use these cells and take over and begin to multiply.

After the human body loses its T-cells count they are less able to fight off infections, invading germs or diseases.

A cure has yet to be found for the disease, but there is still hope for the millions of people who have been diagnosed with this deadly disease.

Scientists have been hard at work trying to produce some type of vaccines.

None have worked as effectively as they have hoped.

To learn more about
HIV and AIDS or any other diseases, you should ask your doctor or visit any reliable Web site that has information on the disease.


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