RCC students head to the polls

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By Amy Warshauer

By Amy Warshauer

The Associated Students of Riverside Community College District (ASRCCD) are presently undergoing the campaign process for new executive cabinet leaders.

The prerequisites required to join the ASRCCD include at least a 2.0 grade point average, six to 12 units (depending on the position) in active classes and a willingness for involvement in the student government experience.

While the ASRCCD holds specific criteria for admittance, there are also perks to joining the club.

Such bonuses include early registration, experience in government, budget decisions and the prominent plus of having an extracurricular activity on a transfer application when continuing on to a four year college.

While each position is distinctly different, all of them can offer members an opportunity to gain experience in the fields of monetary budgeting, activity organization, legal system practice, interpersonal communication and entrepreneur skills.

With only one candidate currently running on the presidential and vice presidential ticket, Israel Landa and Francisco Porras are sure to take the available positions.

“It is very important that you guys have a voice,” said vice presidential candidate Francisco Porras. “We are that voice.”

Nine students appeared on the ballot competing for a seat on the student senate.

Only three of the nine senate candidates spoke at the Student Government Candidate Forum.

“I like to help people, that’s why I’m here,” said student sentate candidate Ruben Guerro.

Guerro also stressed the need for student participation in campus events.

Senate members, who are expected to carry a minimum of 6 units and a GPA of at least a 2.0, are elected in managing matters concerning legislation enactment, amendment proposal, planning student government retreats and activities.

Most importantly, senators are responsible for determining how to spend the thousands of dollars which constitute the student budget.

One senator is allowed to be elected for every 500 students, so the number of available positions will vary each year.

Presidential and vice-presidential duties carry more responsibility and a higher work load.

Students are expected to enroll in at least 12 units and carry a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The president and vice-president serve annually from June 12 to June 12 of the next year and fulfill the duties of overseeing board members and other ASRCC clubs, appearing at meetings and advising and assisting in fulfilling the Riverside City Campus Constitution.

When applying for president or vice president, keep in mind that the two run their campaign together, so the promotion is cooperative.

These two positions also require the same application process as the senate. However, applicants must collect 100 signatures rather than 50.

After turning in their packets and signatures, students are acknowledged on the ballot and given the opportunity to participate in campaigns and forums as well.

Being an executive cabinet member isn’t for everyone; however, all students can participate in voting for the prospective government representatives.

Student Governement voting took place on May 12 and 13 and, as usual, free pizza was given to students who went out to vote.

To find out the election results, check http//:www.viewpointsonline.org.

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