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A voice with no vote

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By John Waterman

Qualified candidates (Martin Iniguez Jr.)

By John Waterman

The Student Trustee is responsible for representing the student voice on the Board of Trustees, so choosing the right candidate is a vital decision not to be taken lightly.

On April 1-2 Riverside City College students were given the opportunity to vote for the candidate they feel is most qualified for the position, or simply came out and voted to receive a complimentary slice of pizza.

Students voted for one of four candidates listed on the ballot as well as a yay or nay on the revised version of The Constitution of the Associated Students of Riverside Community College District, which if passed will allow each of the three Riverside Community College District campuses the opportunity to write their own constitution.

Each of the five candidates met the requirements listed for the position, and are involved in various clubs and projects at one of the three RCCD campuses.

The day before votes were cast, there was a Student Trustee forum where each candidate acquainted themselves with RCC students, giving their perspective on the available position.

The first candidate to introduce themselves to the attendees at the forum was Maxine Nanthavong (Moreno Valley) who stated that if elected she plans to address the issue of minimal student participation on campus, with the goal of enriching the experience at RCC.

Brianna Duru (Riverside) understood the importance of campaigning.

She posted signs throughout the college and passed out Otter Pops to students as she explained why she feels she would be a worthy candidate for the position.

“She (Duru) ran for the sole purpose of helping out the students” said RCC student Adonis Blanchard.

Sarah Fernandez (Norco) was not present at the forum, and was unable to give a statement.

Student Trustee candidate Kristal Macias (Norco) said that the issue most important to her is unity and coordinating the efforts of all of the RCCD campuses.

Karina Medel (Norco) is the student president at her campus, but was a write-in on the ballot due to last minute changes.

“If the new Constitution passes, each campus will write their own constitution, leaving governance in the hands of each campus,” said Coordinator of Student Activities Doug Graham.

The preamble of the constitution states that, “in order to establish an effective student government recognize the inherent rights and responsibilities of self-government, represent student interests and stimulate student awareness of and involvement in the many academic, cultural, social and community opportunities available at the RCCD campuses.”

The Student Trustee will serve a term not to exceed one year, and be responsible for such duties as: attend all regular and emergency Board of Trustee meetings, appoint student members to represent students’ interests in all RCCD Shared Governance Committees, as well as inform the District Executive Board on all issues and all items related to the RCCD student body.

Though the Student Trustee will have a voice on the board, they will still not have the opportunity to place a vote in specific matters on campus.

On April 8 from 8 a.m. to midnight a run-off between student trustee candidates Kristal Macias and Brianna Duru will take place online. The student Constitution states that the Student Trustee must get 51 percent of votes, and with five candidates running this wasn’t possible. To vote, login to Web Advisor, click on students then on Student Trustee Elections under Person Information, and vote for the candidate of your choice.

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