Boat ride to The Lonely Island

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By Sandra Diaz

By Sandra Diaz

The members of The Lonely Island are “the greatest fake MC’s on Earth.” That’s what the group is striving for at least with its new album “Incredibad.”

The album is a satirical offering of rap and club music by the creative minds behind Saturday Night Live’s most popular segment of the past few years’ “Digital Shorts.”

The album comes with a DVD of the “Digital Shorts” of some of the songs off the album.

The group consists of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg.

The trio received attention from Lorne Michaels after seeing their work for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards.

Samberg joined SNL’s cast as a featured player in 2005 and became a full cast member shortly after while Schaffer and Taccone got jobs on SNL’s writing staff.

All three comedians met in Berkeley as children in junior high and moved to Los Angeles together after college. The Lonely Island is named after the group’s first apartment in Los Angeles.

Samberg and crew’s first hint of popularity was the “Digital short; “Lazy Sunday” with Chris Parnell.

Aired in 2005, “Lazy Sunday,” a rap about eating cupcakes and going to the movies to see “The Chronicles of Narnia,” was so popular it was viewed by more than 5 million people on YouTube before being taken down due to copyright infringement issues.

The album collects fan favorites from the “Digital Shorts” as well as a few new songs.

Crude, vulgar, or just plain strange, the songs off “Incredibad” all carry high expectations to be as funny as the ones from the “Digital Shorts” segments.

It’s hit or miss with most of the songs.

Much of the newer tracks are either filler or interludes. The filler tracks are not as bad as the interludes which manage not to add anything new or special to the album.

They could be skipped and it wouldn’t affect the rest of the album. Skipping the interludes might actually make the album better.

But, just because most of the songs are filler doesn’t mean its all bad.

The most popular songs are the ones that debuted on SNL such as “Lazy Sunday,” “Natalie’s Rap,” and the newest clip “I’m on a Boat.”

Recorded and filmed with rapper T-Pain, “I’m on a Boat” is catchy and as absurd as it is hilarious. The song’s repetitive nature and simple lyrics are not easy to forget.

There are a few new songs that warrant attention. “Boombox” shines through the mediocre claptrap of songs like “Santana DVX” and “Ras Trent.”

A cautionary tale about the power of a boom box in random social situations, “Boombox” is one of the more humorous songs tackling subjects such as cultural diversity and a bunch of old white people dancing.

The worst song would probably be “Sax Man,” which is sad when one considers that Jack Black did guest vocals.

The song gets old by the third listen. Black is usually funny, so this feels almost like a let down.

The only “Digital Short” not included is “Iran So Far (featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5),” a love song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The album ends with “Incredibad,” a questionable origins story involving procreation with an alien.

It seems the title of the album fits perfectly, being both incredible and incredibly bad as the album progresses; incredibad indeed.

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