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By Mercedes Deleon

Jordan Miller and Jamie Hartman in “Annue Get Your Gun.” (Ralph Ybarra)

By Mercedes Deleon

Performance Riverside has done it again. Yet another quality production of an all-American classic was brought to the Landis stage.

The theatrical achievement of “Annie Get Your Gun,” premiered Nov. 7 in the Landis Performing Arts Center.

Aside from being well- performed locally, it has the history of being a Broadway classic. This year’s version is based on the 1999 revival which starred Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat.

The Irving Berlin musical was first performed on Broadway in 1946. It is fictionalized and based on the life stories of Annie Oakley and her husband Frank Butler. “Annie Get Your Gun” is a story about two exceptional sharpshooters who meet, compete and fall in love.

In their journey to find out who truly is the best, they encounter emotional obstacles as well. Both are stubborn and full of pride, and their chances of turning their love into hate outweigh their chances of living happily ever after.

The cast and crew’s strong collaboration is a perfect example of a true ensemble.

If mistakes were made, they were not readily apparent to the naked eye. The performance was captivating, transporting the audience in theatrical bliss.

The lighting helped express the emotions that cast members were experiencing, and the props were anything but bland. Spotlights were well centered and precise, making sure not to distract the audience from the play itself.

It was more than apparent that much detail, time and effort was put into the props and decorations.

The costumes also made the play significantly more convincing. The lavish use of the color brown throughout the backdrops and scenery really established the feel of the old west.

The overall performance of the cast can be likened to the protagonist in a book; their combined presence and effort is vital to bringing about success.

All the participating thespians not only got into character but remained in character until the curtains closed.

It was obvious that a great deal of time and practice went into making this production as remarkable as it was.

Jamie Hartmann, as Oakley, executed a riveting performance that enthralled the audience.

Her vocals were consistent and precise; there’s nothing better in a musical than a lead with truly great vocals.

Ms. Hartmann has truly mastered the skill of holding a note.

Jordan Miller, as Butler, also had a powerful voice that reverberated throughout the theater. He took on the role, passionately becoming his character.

“Annie Get Your Gun,” finished just as strong as it had begun.

During final cast appearances, a majority of the audience expressed their pleasure with a standing ovation.

An old fashioned girl (Ralph Ybarra)

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