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Construction comes to a close

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By Megan Siana

By Megan Siana

As students search for food among the bookstore and various small carts on campus, the Bradshaw Cafeteria gears up for a grand opening on Nov. 24.

Though construction has only been going on since early summer of 2008, this remodel project has been in the works since November of 2006.

Riverside City College Food Services promises a university level remodel. Foreman Chad McCoy said the new Cafeteria will have “all completely new equipment.”

Remodel changes included several electrical panels that were replaced or added, a new grease trap system, new ovens and a walk-in cooler.

The remodel is designed to bring variety and great service to students. “We’re going to have a lot of cooked-to-order and healthier foods available,” Tim Corcoran, remodel consultant, said.

Among these new foods available are a new line of pizzas, a salad bar, a charred grill and a pasta line.

The construction crew had the most problems with the out-dated electrical panels previously installed in the building. The biggest improvement in the Cafeteria, McCoy said, is “the operation of the facility. Its going to be a lot easier for students to find and buy food.”

Food Services Assistant Manager, John Arroyos, says that the renovation is running on schedule.

Speculations have been made that the construction won’t be complete by its deadline however.

“Visually, it looks a mess right now, but we have a clean-up crew coming on Saturday” McCoy said. “Yes, it should be done, provided we don’t have any problems with final inspections from health and fire departments.”

Students can look forward to dining in a long-awaited, brand new Cafeteria, starting on Nov. 24.

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