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Tigers beat Dons in five set showdown

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By Celeste Walter

Megan Richardson sets the ball for Dorothy Catanese’s spike in the Oc.t 29 game against Santa Ana City College. (Roxanne Raphael)

By Celeste Walter

Riverside City College women’s volleyball team carried the Tiger spring in their step during the Oct. 29 game against the Santa Ana Dons. The final score for the Tigers was 25-15

RCC appeared to successfully defy gravity at times during their effort to claim three of the five games played at the RCC Huntley Gymnasium, while offering the Dons at least one lead during the competition. The Tiger’s ability to set up and properly execute plays showed the Dons this team means business.

Coach Monica Hayes-Trainer expressed her confidence in the team. “I am really excited because two of my starters sat out allowing other players a chance to contribute and they did a great job,” she said.

The players’ overall performance as a team is improving. “The game ran smoothly and we were able to move players around to different positions very effectively,” Hayes-Trainer said.

The team is currently ranked six out of eight in conferences and remains in the running for regional.

“We are currently No. 22 in the state, so we just have to beat one or two teams ranked above us and we should have a really good chance,” she said. “We keep improving so I feel there is a good chance this could happen.”

Sophomore Britney Nichole Rush played a prominent part in scoring points during this season according to Hayes-Trainer.

“I had 12 kills (points) and 14 attempts,” Rush said. “We played at an intense level the whole match and kept them at as few points as possible.”

Rush said she feels they have a good chance of making it to regionals.

“They usually take five out of seven, but they might take six this year because we might all be in the top 25.”

Freshman Jasmine-Joy Tuiolosega worked with her teammates to ward off attacks by the Dons, but wasn’t confident in her performance. “I didn’t do too well,” she said.

She felt the team’s overall performance had improved since their game against Orange Coast.

“We weren’t playing lazy, but we weren’t talking,” Tuiolosega said. “There were some communication problems.”

She felt comfortable with the team efforts during this game. “We are going to regionals,” she said.

Freshman Dorothy Catanese, another cog in this smooth running machine said, “We did OK, I just wanted to be there for my teammates.”

Catanese felt this game was more exciting than their last game with the Dons.

“We had longer volleys, we had fun plays with our middles and to see it kept up was really amazing,” she said.

The team suffered a series of recent losses though they are currently in the running for regional.

“I hope things get better from here,” Catanese said. “I hope the team makes it to regional. I feel we have the talent to do that this year,” she said.

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