The music ends in ‘Senior Year’

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By Lucretia Garland

(Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

By Lucretia Garland

The Disney Channel strikes again with triple the smiles, triple the dances and triple the songs.

The characters that hold the keys to everyone’s heart, young and old are back in “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”

“High School Musical” first made its appearance in 2006 on the Disney Channel, making its way into every child’s dream and imagination.

Having the perfect high school life, each character displays a different personality and a different vision of how high school should be.

The phenomenon began with Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez meeting with a karaoke microphone and being forced to sing.

They soon became acquaintances, bonding over their love for music.

After winter break, as if it were destiny, Troy and Gabriella end up at the same high school due to Gabriella’s mother’s company transferring homes.

Residing in Albuquerque, N.M, Gabriella auditions for the high school musical, along with Troy, Ryan and Sharpay Evans, who are fraternal twin actors, who desire the spotlight.

Gabriella, a girl genius, and Troy, the average high school basketball star, quickly develop feelings for one another, but jealous friends attempt to get in between their growing relationship.

“High School Musical” had two sequels and this is Disney’s first movie that hit big screens after the first two premiered on television.

The fans loved it and even more, box offices loved it. “High School Musical 3” was a huge success, proving that Disney has done it again.

The story continues with Troy and his best friend, Chad, playing an intense basketball game, the state championships.

The Wildcat team has 16 minutes left to play, and more importantly, for the seniors, 16 minutes left in their team jersey.

The team bands together more in this moment than in the entire season, making dynamic passes, defending the ball effectively, and scoring every time their hands touch the ball.

With prom around the corner, each teen rages with excitement.

Finding the perfect dress was no easy task for drama queen Sharpay, who wants it her way or no way.

Always desiring to be the center of attention, she is in for a rude awakening when she finds out that Gabriella is one of the main characters of the upcoming play titled, “Senior Year.”

Sparks fly when Gabriella receives a letter of acceptance from a university a thousand miles away from Troy and her friends.

Troy doesn’t get his proper good-bye when she calls a few days before prom and cancels her return, for good.

When asked to watch this movie, I took the wrong impression into the theater because I haven’t seen the first two.

The movie was for any range of audience, whether it be children or their grandparents, “High School Musical 3” would be a fun experience for all.

It has many fun scenes, but also has a few bittersweet scenes as well.

I got teary-eyed on a few scenes myself.

This movie was an enjoyment for me and I am more than sure that anyone else who is a kid at heart would enjoy it also.

“High School Musical” is more than its title. It is a trendsetter.

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