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Anatomy of an instructor

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By Danny Khneiser

By Danny Khneiser

Instructors on campus run a wide range of personality types and teaching methods. Every now and again students find an instructor who not only knows their subject in and out, but also loves teaching and, in turn, will make students love the subject matter as well.

Michael Cryder is a instructor of Anatomy at Riverside City College.

He has been teaching for 13 years and specializes in Advanced Placement Chemistry and Physics, and life sciences including Biology, Health, Anatomy and Genetics.

He has a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry, and a master’s in molecular biology, with emphasis in DNA sequencing.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was a teachers aid for seven different biology classes and my mentor, Hal Milliken recommended me as a teacher and then died a month later,” Cryder said. “I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to positively impact the lives of students the way my teachers had impacted mine.”

Cryder’s favorite thing about teaching at RCC is the students.

“My job is very rewarding and changes on a daily basis creating many challenges throughout the day,” Cryder said. “The students and Life Science Department are definitely my favorite things about teaching.”

His least favorite thing about teaching has to be turning down students that want to add.

The Anatomy course is a prerequisite for students who are trying to enter the nursing program and eventually achieve an Associates Degree in Vocational Nursing and the Registered Nursing Program.

“The Anatomy course on campus is in high demand and low in supply. Not having enough class space to provide a learning environment for the hundreds of people on the waiting lists,” Cryder said.

Cryder realized he chose the right career when his former students returned.

“When former students come back and described to me their successes. Nothing is more rewarding then helping students complete there goals,” he said.

On his off time Cryder enjoys paintballing with his son, golfing, swimming and scuba diving. He also loves watching his son play sports.

For students who aspire to become a teacher, “love it or leave it!” is some advice given by Cryder to those who plan on being an educator.

Cryders most satisfying moment is experiencing a student’s “aha” moment in the classroom.

“I love listening to my students’ thoughts and opinions,” he said.

The most interesting thing about Cryder’s class was the interaction between student and teacher.

“He presents material well and is more then willing to work with each student,” said anatomy student Joanna Viray.

Cryder is down to earth and has a very good personality.

“He is always willing to answer any questions the students have for him. He makes learning fun and has made me find my happy place,” said anatomy student, Allison Ebat.

Cryder seems to know his subject well and has a brilliant way of teaching. “I can’t help but to admire the love he has for the sciences,” Ebat said.

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