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Cafeteria construction now in finishing stages

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By Megan Siana

A worm’s eye view (Josh Pedorza)

By Megan Siana

As Riverside City College students continue to seek out food at the Bookstore and various carts, the Bradshaw Cafeteria is still undergoing heavy renovations. But what is going on behind the gates?Foreman Chad McCoy said that the gates and fences are for student safety.

“It’s really challenging. People are use to just moseying on into the cafeteria,” McCoy said.

In Aug. 2008, in an interview with Tim Corcoran, the remodel consultant, the public was given an official Cafeteria opening date of Nov. 14.

Now signs around campus say that the grand opening will be on Nov. 24 instead. McCoy says that the delay is due to electrical problems.

“Electrical power needed to be upgraded; it’s all completely new equipment,” McCoy said.

Riverside Community College District Administration and Finance documents say that work needed in the Cafeteria includes “installation of a grease trap system, additional sinks/plumbing, electrical upgrades and addition food services equipment.”

In August, RCCD’s Resource Committee published a document stating that called the Cafeteria’s electrical distribution panel, pre-remodel, was in an “unsafe and dangerous condition.

Not only has the old panel been replaced, but more electrical panels have also been added since construction in August. The renovations also include a new grease interceptor.

“This interceptor collects the grease to break down and wash out,” McCoy said. According to McCoy, as of mid Oct. the Cafeteria remodel is in the “finishing stages.”

“We’re now doing the flooring, tile and ceilings at this point,” McCoy said. John Arroyos, food services assistant manager, says the construction is now “smooth sailing for the most part” and as far as opening on time Arroyos says they should “hit the mark.”

Due to the cafeteria being closed and under construction since mid summer some food services employees have been feeling the effects.

“The construction is not affecting full-time staff or student workers. There is less work for part-time employees, though we try to keep them as busy as we can,” Aroyos said. With the reopening, however, new employment opportunities may arise.

“There may be a variety of positions for students, both Part-time and hourly,” Aroyos said. Students can look forward to a new variety of foods and a more fluid set up in the newly remodeled cafeteria on Nov. 24.

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