RCC students compete for the crown

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By Rachael Green

By Rachael Green

Between Oct. 20 and Oct. 24, Riverside City College hosted a week of activities and events as part of a celebration leading up to the Homecoming football game on Oct. 25. During this week, known as “Spirit Week,” seven female candidates and three male candidates competed for the Homecoming crowns.

One candidate, Esther Galdamez, wished luck to all the candidates.

“I’ve become very close to everybody running. I hope the best candidate wins,” Galbanez said.

The Homecoming theme this year is “Heroes vs. Villains” and all of the events during “Spirit Week” shared this theme. Most of the events were held either in the Quad or in front of the Bradshaw building behind the Cafeteria.

The Homecoming King and Queen candidates, to be selected on Oct. 24, had to meet certain eligibility requirements in order to be accepted into the running.

Previous Homecoming King/Queen winners may not run for the title a second time, the candidates must be enrolled in at least six units and candidates must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

In addition to these basic requirements, the panel of judges will base their decision on the following criteria: speeches, interviews and introductions. They will also be given additional points for each event they attend during “Spirit Week” for a grand total of 100 possible points.

“I like that it’s not a popularity contest. We are judged on merit,” said Sophie Noriega, a Homecoming Queen hopeful from student government and the Honors student.Noriega went on to say, “Next year, we’d encourage anyone who’s interested, even if you aren’t the jock or Ms. Popular because we all have something to offer.”

The King and Queen will be chosen during Halloween Town will each be awarded a $100 scholarship. They will be the campus King and Queen for the rest of the school year. But these rewards are hardly the motivation for running.

Many candidates are in it for the experience and fun. Queen candidate, Esther Galdamez, said “it’s going to be a new experience especially since it’s my first year at RCC.” “I want to get a feel for these types of events because I’ve never gotten involved before,” said Maria Isabel Lomeli, a Homecoming Queen candidate.

Each campus will be selecting its own King and Queen to represent them. The winners from Norco, Valley and Riverside will then compete for the title of district King and Queen.

The district winners will be announced during the pre-game show at the Homecoming game on Oct. 25. The King and Queen chosen to represent the entire district will each be awarded a $300 scholarship.

For a full list and description of activities during Spirit week, you can either go to the student government building or the Student Services office located in the Bradshaw center.

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