The natural side of Riverside

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By Justin Henderson

Riverside resident Jeremiah Clark runs along the Santa Ana River Trail.

By Justin Henderson

If you are looking for a cool place to get away from it all, but are too busy to drive out of town, then maybe you should check out the Santa Ana River Trail.

Within one mile of campus is an urban wilderness where one can walk, run and ride.

The trail provides an ever changing back drop for exercise or study.

There are several parks like the Martha McLean-Anza Narrows, or the Carlson Dog Park near Mount Rubidoux, where friends can kick back and relax.

If you enjoy watching wildlife, a walk along the trail will give you views of birds, bobcats and many other animals.

For those in Norco or San Bernardino looking for a way to save gas, the trail provides a traffic-free way to commute.

Adventurous types interested in a more ambitious journey will like the endless amount of space.

One can ride the trail all the way to Huntington Beach, with a minor detour through Corona, where the trail is not yet completed.

The completion of the trail is possible because of the clean air and water proposition, which in March 2002 helped fund the trail’s wetlands and open space.

When the section of the trail through Corona and San Bernardino is completed it will span 110 miles.

This will fulfill the dreams of those who originally conceived the idea of a Riverside trail back in 1915.

If you like the mountains, you can ride up to the Santa Ana River Head Waters in the San Bernardino Mountains, near Angelus Oaks.

However, for those just interested in a place to unwind away from the malls and traffic, the trail is definitely worth heading out to see.

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