Meshay Brown will take over as new ASRCC President

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By Mercedes DeLeon

Elected ASRCC president, Meshay Brown, as she explains what she will do for the student of RCC. (Lawrence Gonzales)

By Mercedes DeLeon

Meshay Brown was elected president of the Associated Students of Riverside City College.

She expressed her commitment and delectation to having received the position.

“I am really excited and look forward to making a difference as president of ASRCC,” she said.

Although there wasn’t anyone running against her, Meshay still had to obtain fifty percent of the vote in order to win the election.

Her name may have been the only one on the ballot, but students still had the option to vote against her.

“I was extremely nervous, and today I am happy to have found out for certain that I am the newly elected president of ASRCC,” she said.

Brown listed some main points and general duties that are performed by the president of ASRCC.

“The president is the only liaison between students and faculty,” she said.

“Another part of my job is to hire a cabinet of executive council members,” she said. “It is my job to appoint them; they are not elected,” she said.

“Whatever does not get done, such as agendas or meetings, it is my job to ensure that they get arranged,” she said.

Last semester Brown attended the Norco campus, and held the position of ASRCC press secretary.

She was also a writer for Norco Voice, which is the campus’ newspaper.

Brown addressed concerns she has with both the Riverside and Norco Campuses.

“It is imperative to have efficiency with credits, courses, and academic success, but there’s a lack of campus spirit,” she said.

“Students are not involved as I would like them to be, nor do they show concern about the events and activities, of other student related functions that occur on campus,” she said.

Brown’s term is one full year in which she can execute her future plans and goals.

“‘Back to Basic Reform’ is the name I have given to briefly and effectively summarize exactly how I plan on bringing about change and overall improvement,” she said.

“I want to go back to the basics, which cover why we are all here, what the students need, and what the students want,” she said.

“I want to improve the overall communication between all three campuses,” she said.

“Another goal of mine, is to have a full cabinet operating,” she said.

Brown also explained how having activities that students enjoy can contribute to the students’ future involvement and concern in things like student government.

“Bringing the fun back to campus life and doing activities that will help get involvement will lead students to care about things such as student government,” she said.

Brown listed different methods that can be used in order to find out what students are into.

“I am going to take on from some of the things that I learned at Norco Campus, and employ them into how I communicate with students here at Riverside Campus,” she said.

Brown had some ideas to build student involvement.

“I plan on getting student involvement through student surveys, advertising through Viewpoints, making class announcements, and flyers,” she said.

Brown expressed how she feels towards approaching and interacting with students.

“I am a very bold person who is not afraid to go up to a group of students, invite them to certain functions, or find out what they like,” she said.

Because Riverside Campus is very diverse, Meshay emphasized some of her other goals as president of ASRCC.

“I want to strengthen diversity, unity, and communication between students and between faculty,” she said.

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