College students and illegal drugs

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By Morgan Hall

By Morgan Hall

The “war on drugs” is a constant issue, and it’s about time some of the people involved in upping drug use are arrested, prosecuted, and used as examples for others to see.

According to BBC News there was a massive drug raid involving students at San Diego State University.

The raid was sparked by the death of SDSU undergraduate Shirley Poliakoff, 19, who died after a cocaine overdose on campus in May of last year.

There were a total of 96 people arrested in connection to this yearlong drug bust, including 75 San Diego State University students.

The raid successfully ended with the recent arrests of twenty-nine people, and the majority of them were college students.

The police also seized several guns, large amounts of money, 2kg (4.4lbs) of cocaine, and 23kg (51lbs) of marijuana.

Drugs are a common problem on college and university campuses, but is RCC a part of this ongoing issue?

Most RCC students come to school, take classes then go on living our personal lives at work or at home.Since it is a two-year college, RCC is not a typical example of the usual “college experience.”

Whereas at RCC students don’t live on campus, exposed to the drugs or parties like students living on most college campuses.

With the San Diego State University drug raid the campus social life helped contribute to the selling and buying of drugs amongst college students.

During the course of the investigation many undercover officers found students openly dealing drugs on campus and at social events, the officers also bought cocaine from fraternity members and discovered a type of hierarchy involving selling drugs for money.

Not all fraternity members were involved or knew about the drug problems on campus but several of the people arrested in the raid belonged to the university clubs and fraternities.

It is also a bit ironic and somewhat comical that one of the students arrested was about to receive a Criminal Justice Degree and another soon to receive their master’s degree in homeland security.

So, most of the people connected to the drug problems were highly involved on campus and within the social scene.

While this drug bust had many positive outcomes and it did help to slightly lessen drug use on college campuses the drug issue has not been completely resolved.

College drug raids do help rid the campus of the threat of illegal substance abuse but at the same time, drugs are not used by all college students.

The choice to use drugs or to not use is a personal decision of each individual and in the instance of the SDSU raid, I think it was more a case of a few bad apples among a small percentage of people.

But again, RCC has a very different campus life that is not as involved with the things going on and the common university social life.

It’s almost a guarantee that some students are involved with drugs in some way but it does not seem to be a very open thing on the RCC campus and among students while at school.

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