‘He’s a demon on wheels’

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By Lucretia Garland

By Lucretia Garland

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Traveling through the half animated, live action world of “Speed Racer,” this 1960s era cartoon inspired movie has been put in third place in box office.

The action-filled movie attracted children of all ages as well as the parents that brought them.

Released by Warner Bros., this remake had the audience glued to their seats from beginning to end.

The legendary “Speed Racer” cartoon series was the American version of Japanese Mach GoGoGo which also was centered on the hype of automobile racing.

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is the kind of driver that every racer hopes they could be.

In Speed’s mind, the only driver who could actually challenge him was his now deceased older brother, the well known Rex Racer.

Rex died in an intense cross country rally known as The Crucible several years ago.

As the younger sibling of Rex, Speed is motivated to carry out the legacy that Rex left behind.

Speed almost beat his brother’s record at one point, but slowed down and missed it by one second.

Extremely devoted to his family, Speed would stop at nothing to save the family business.

It was Speed’s father, Pops Racer (John Goodman), who created a masterpiece, the invincible Mach 5.

Even a rewarding offer from racing giants Royalton Industries isn’t sufficient enough to get the witty athlete to break his family bonds.

The only way for Speed to save the family business and beat Royalton (Roger Allam) at his own game, is to win the same race that took his brother’s life.

In order to accomplish that frightening and worrying deed, Speed will not only have to depend on his family and the aid of longtime girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci), but form a questionable agreement with his longtime rival, the mystifying Racer X (Matthew Fox).

Towards the completion of the movie, Speed met up with X, who he believed was his late brother, Rex.

X finally removes his mask and reveals his identity.

The movie has a happy, but expected ending.

It’s full of usual plot twist and turns.

Some viewers might predict what will happen next.

This movie was animated and full of blasting colors and flashing lights.

The film is generated toward a lower-age audience but anyone can enjoy the reenactment of the legend “Speed Racer.”

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