Maxim takes ‘Sex’ out of ‘the City’

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By Corinne Love

Parker topped the list of Maxim’s most unsexy.

By Corinne Love

It’s not nice to talk about people.

We all learned this in kindergarten, and through Disney movies.

Well, the guys over at Maxim either skipped kindergarten or are just plain bored.

When Esquire magazine named actress Charlize Theron as the ‘sexiest woman alive,’ many had great comments to say, and it’s doubtful that Theron felt as if the comment would hurt her acting career.

In answer to Esquire’s list, Maxim (the men’s Cosmopolitan) compiled their own list-“an unsexy list.”

The list, compiled by reader’s polls and comments, practically lampoons highly successful women in the entertainment industry belittling them to harsh insults and jabs that have little to do with their actual appearance.

“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker was voted No.1 unsexiest woman alive by Maxim readers, and trailing right behind her; Amy Winehouse, Sandra Oh, Britney Spears and Madonna.

The comments made by Maxim were ridiculously mean and vicious, pushing aside the stereotype that only women can be catty.

Parker’s resilience about the title “impressed” the magazine, so it’s their way of saying “We’re glad you’re not too hurt about our little comments about you.”

The actress recently finished filming the “Sex and the City” movie, and has made millions of dollars banked off commercials, magazine advertisements and her Steve and Barry clothing line.

Not to mention that Parker has a successful marriage to Matthew Broderick, and children.

In an interview with British weekly Grazia magazine, Parker said “It’s so brutal in a way, so filled with rage and anger.”

Also on the list, commentators noted that Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh, had a “cold side bed manner and a boy’s body.”

Whatever happened to having talent and brains? Perhaps, Oh is reserved. Does that warrant her a place on the list? Like Parker, Oh is respected throughout Hollywood for her choices in roles and many see her as classy.

Well, everyone can’t and doesn’t want to look like a carbon copy of Paris Hilton. Who, despite her lack of sex appeal, surprisingly was not included.

Hilton’s consistent media barrage of plasticity, shallow and void of anything outside of Beverly Hills and her social circle, leaves little to the imagination.

By Maxim’s standards, Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are the definitions of sexy women. Lohan and Hilton made Maxim’s “sexiest” list for a few consecutive years.

In web blogs, some feel that Parker was voted “unsexiest” not according to her looks, but because of her role in “Sex and the City.”

Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) is a single, 35-year-old, fashion plate, who writes serialized sex columns for a fictionalized newspaper.

Bradshaw, in her quest to find the elusive Mr. Right, serial dated her way through much of the show.

Women loved the show, for its fashionable take on love and life. Some men, however, felt the show was shallow and unrealistic.

Listing Spears and Winehouse seems like setting aim on a fixed target, these entertainers are consistently in the media and always under fire for their antics.

If that’s the case, Lohan and Hilton should have been listed as well.

Not to be outdone, AOL’s “The Cooler” compiled its own list of “unsexy” male actors.

The Libertine’s ex-front man Pete Doherty came in at No.1. I suppose no one is bringing sexy back.

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