Former RCC student ‘stapled’ into Web-based business

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By Ulises Vargas

By Ulises Vargas

The Web site has been up for about a month and already hundreds of reviews have been posted.

Joseph Raffiee and Daniel Stanton, creators of, are very proud of the Web site, which helps students rate their current or past jobs so that others can see if that career will fit them.

Raffiee, an RCC alumni, met Stanton at the campus of Cal State Fullerton in 2003 and both wanted to start their own business. They started looking at job-related Web sites and realized that there were no resources for college students to find out if their job was a potential career for them.

“It took about a month and a half of brainstorming and pulling resources in order for us to start the Web site” Raffiee said. “We realized the need of online job reviews.”

Raffiee transferred from Riverside City College in 2003 to continue his studies at Cal State Fullerton, where he received a degree in Business and Economics, but much of what helped him start his Web site came from RCC.

“RCC was a great stepping stone for me.” Raffiee said. “English 1A and 1B really helped me out a lot and I used many books from RCC for reference.”

At the time, Raffiee wasn’t looking to be an entrepreneur, rather focused on transferring to CSUF. But the experience he gained at RCC made it easier for him to continue his education at CSUF.

Stanton, who graduated from CSUF with a degree in Economics and Strategic Management, had only known Raffiee for a few years before they launched

“It’s really hard for people to research a company before they start working for one, and that’s what led me to create this Web site” Stanton said. is not just a job review Web site. It also helps students know what exactly fits them.

“We’re trying to get peers to submit their own user reviews. We don’t want to approach companies because they will just twist the truth. changes that, we made it as unbiased as possible” Stanton said.

With hundreds of job-related Web sites on the internet, I asked if they were aware of the competition.

“I’m sure there’s similar stuff out there, but is the most reliable and unbiased. We’ve received a pretty good response nationwide within the past weeks, so it’s catching up pretty quickly. We don’t have the desire to be as big as Myspace, but the potential’s there,” Stanton said. also offers users an incentive to submit a review. Every month, the site has a monthly drawing where users get the chance to win a free iPod nano.

With the growing success of, Joseph and Daniel want to let their peers know that with help, starting your own business can be easy.

“We want to help our fellow students as much as possible. It’s important to take advantage of networking while in college. You can have an idea, but if you don’t have the people, you won’t go far” Raffiee said.

The Web site has already begun to help people with their careers nationwide, and both Raffiee and Stanton are very humble about it.

“We’re still amateurs.” Stanton said. “We’re getting t-shirts to help promote the site. Word of mouth has helped, but it’s not enough.”

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